Christopher Darrell Medori

May 29th, 2020

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts for our family to announce the passing of our beloved Chris Medori, who left us peacefully at home in his sleep on Friday, May 29, 2020 at the age of 59.  He is survived by his constant companion, his 'sweet pea' puppy, Bailey, who was always by his side, even in passing; his loving wife of 32 years, Paulina; his children, Crystal (Alex and Mya), James; step-mother, Sylvia Zettel; his siblings and their family, Barry and Maureen (Dustin & Ashley), Scott and Sandy (Jordan &Tyler), Doug and Linda, Avril and Michael (Joshua); brother-in-law, Greg Nesteruk; and best friend Mark Overdulve (Nancy); as well as several aunts, uncles, and cousins. 

Paulina, James and Crystal are heartbroken over their loss, but are comforted that he is no longer suffering and in the care of Jesus. He’s likely running about with our family's first beloved dogs, Buddy and Curly, and hugging his mom and dad - who he loved and adored so much. Chris was aware that with his health issues (some genetic, some not), that his time on this Earth was short, and he made every effort to make the most of it. Never one to be selfish, Chris always put others before himself; but family above all else. Chris' strong faith in God, along with the unquantifiable amount of love and compassion he expressed towards others, speaks volumes to the true strength and power of his enormous (albeit physically weakened) heart.

Chris loved camping at his trailer and enjoyed several summers at Eagle Lake and Dickson Leisure Campground. He was happiest there when surrounded by his loving family and many friends that gravitated towards his exuberant and joyful personality.

Although Chris' personal interests lay elsewhere, his love, pride, and dedication to his son James' interests led him to coaching many teams alongside his wife with Airdrie Little League during the summer for years. Even when stepping aside to let others take over, Chris never missed a single game, or even a practice for that matter.   In the winter, Chris was a constant spectator at his hockey games and tournaments - and once again, never missed a practice.  Never one to break tradition, Chris continued to attend James' beer league hockey games, whether the arena had heat or not. As was in his selfless nature, when a scorekeeper was needed for a game to run smoothly, Chris would step up to the plate and volunteer to take care of the time clock and score sheet. We suspect his eagerness to volunteer may have had something to do with the heaters installed in the timekeeper’s box... regardless, these gestures never went unnoticed by James' teammates, opponents, and officials alike. Chris' knowledge in this area was not without reason however, as he volunteered his time on many Friday nights to score keep for the Airdrie Thunder as well. In addition to attending every game and practice, Chris was also involved in managing teams of James' over the years in competitive hockey as well. One way or the other, if James looked to the stands or timekeepers’ box, it was a sure thing that he would see his Dad beaming with pride somewhere in the rink. James also enjoyed the (very limited) time he would spend with his father while in the penalty box.

Chris was involved with Airdrie Little League for many years, wearing several different hats at any given time - most notably as President of the League for several years. His perseverance and efforts were instrumental in laying the foundation and assisting the growth of A.L.L that our city's youth enjoy today.

Chris put aside the pain and sorrow he felt over his Dad's unexpected passing on  March 17, 1993 to spread cheer and joy as Santa Claus that Holiday season. That Christmas turned into a passion and significant love of his, for it was a yearly tradition that continued until his final days. For the first few years, he was a resident Santa at many malls in Airdrie and Calgary, including the original Towerlane Mall prior to its renovation. In more recent years he played Santa at the AUPE Children’s Christmas Party for the University of Calgary where his wife worked for 39 years and had just retired the same day Chris did (lol). 

Chris made dozens of appearances at parties, gatherings, as well as personalized house visits that brightened up so many lives - which were not limited to just children, but teenagers and adults as well. His ability to bring the spirit of Christmas that each of us grew up in awe of was undeniable. He especially looked forward to his yearly visits for his two grandchildren every Christmas Eve, and was steadfast in his belief that the true Santa Claus lay in the spirit of each individual, and that the love and joy that we spread to others was where we could find Santa - a belief and tradition that he was able to pass on to his son in recent years as well. Chris and James spent the last few years splitting Santa appearances, or watching the other with love and pride while they wore the big guy's suit and spread joy to all those around them. It is a lesson and experience that James will continue to honour in Chris' name and legacy. The excitement, happiness, and joy that Chris and Paulina raised James on is a feeling that his son looks forward to passing on for years to come.

Chris was a mechanic by trade and worked in various stations over the years, including Minit-Tune, where he met Paulina through his co-worker Doug. Doug’s wife, Vivian, was a co-worker with Paulina at the U of C. They went on their first date  on November 28th, 1987 and got married on October 1, 1988. Two years later James was born.  In 1995, his daughter Crystal came back into Chris’ life while in her mid teens.  Her mom was Chris’ first love and he recalled how thankful he was that she was with him during the tragic death of his mother in November 1977. 

He won the Calgary White Hatter Award in 1981 for Best Service Attendant sponsored by the Calgary Tourism Association while working at South Trail Texaco. In January 2000 he was given the opportunity to work as a Sales Representative for Lumacell/Thomas & Betts.   Chris loved his job and put his heart and soul into it.  Unfortunately, his career was cut short in August 2011 when he experienced one of several heart attacks that forced him out of work.  We want to thank Lumacell , specifically, Steve Warholik and Len Skoreyko, whose motto was always family first with their employees. They gave Chris the opportunity to work at something he loved and dreamed of doing, and through his work was able to take several memorable trips with his wife. Chris' passion to help others, along with his love for his fellow man, made this dream career of his something that was never a 'job' to him. It was an opportunity to establish, build, and maintain friendships that lasted him for the rest of his life. It was a passion that he instilled in his son, who has, and will always aspire to be the kind of man that Chris was. James followed in Chris' footsteps for ~5 years at the same company, and in the same position as Chris. It was a milestone in his son’s career that both shared significant joy for together, and only strengthened the amazing bond between them. It is a period in James' life that he will always look back incredibly fondly on, knowing that he and his Dad shared a portion of the same experiences. Although James had to endure being called 'Chris' countless times; the love, respect, and admiration he had for his Dad only grew stronger with every story or memory he would hear. It became commonplace for Chris to receive a call from James saying 'so-and-so says hello and wants to know how you are doing'. These little things, along with helping James with his work, were among the brightest spots in Chris' days. The love they had for each other was, and will always be - incomprehensible; as Chris was James' best friend. James would like to say that the passing of his Dad marked the day that he lost his best friend, his hero, and his idol. James would also like to thank his Dad for providing the blueprint to becoming an incredible human, a loving father, brother, and uncle. The lessons Chris taught him will never cease, and he will aspire to incorporate Chris' love and ideals into his daily life forever.

The family would also like to thank many medical professionals for their assistance over the years. Specifically, Dr. Luba Kazatchenko, Dr. Tim Boyne, Dr. Charlene Fell, Dr. Brad Mechor , Dr. Adrian Lee, Dr. Stuart Ross, Dr. Martin Duffy, Dr. Ian Scott, as well as the Pharmacists of Safeway in Airdrie. Our family apologizes to any other medical workers we missed, who were all just as instrumental in the length of time we had with Chris. Without their treatment, expertise, and attention to detail, Chris would not have experienced the quality of life he had.  He went for regular blood transfusions, as well as iron infusions at the Peter Lougheed Special Care Unit and enjoyed bantering about with the nurses and staff.  We so appreciate the care they gave him over the years.  A big thank you to those who donate blood. Your contributions will always continue to be held in the highest respect. Your compassion and willingness to save others allowed us to have our great big teddy bear for more years than would have been possible without your incredible donations.

Sadly, due to Covid19 restrictions, a Celebration of Chris’ life will be held in the near future.  Information will be posted at this site when arrangements are confirmed.

In lieu of flowers, a donation can be made to the Airdrie Food Bank or any charity of your choice.    And please remember to love one another and treat each other with kindness, for we do not know when our time on this earth is  done.  Eternity is the next journey and there are only two options.  We can either trust in the Light or deal with the darkness.


Our family kindly asks for anyone comfortable in doing so, to share a memory, or two (or three, or four) that stick out in their memory of Chris. For those that may not wish to share them publicly, James' email is included below. We would be immensely grateful for these memories, as they will be saved by us, and become part of a scrapbook our family wishes to build and maintain in honour of the greatest person we ever have or will meet, Chris Medori. This world is a far lesser place without you, and although that phrase is used frequently - this time it truly, undeniably means something. That is something every person that reads this will agree on. We love you, we miss you, and we will see you again in the next life. Until then, we know you are watching over us. Thank you Dad. We love you so much. We will never forget you, and James wants you to know that he will always be your Monkey.

May you Rest In Peace.


Chris was so kind, friendly, and happy go lucky. He was like a big giant teddy bear, always spreading knowledge and adventure wherever he went. I didn’t see him much but the times that I did were always of value. He tried teaching me how to play pool this one time, he took three of us on his boat and tubing, mentioning that life was short and he did these things because he never knew when his time was going to be up, and to see the Aurora borealis lights in Airdrie. I will miss you forever Chris! - Alexandra Vivero

To James and family, May today bring some closure to a very sad chapter in your lives. May you take some solace knowing Chris is in a place where he is no longer in pain. My thoughts, and prayers are with you all today. Rest easy Chris.

I first met Chris at the Little League Baseball registration table at Tower Lane in early 1995. He told me the league needed a registrar/player agent. I asked him what that entailed and so began our 10 year journey of working together. He taught me everything that it meant and how to be a good servant to the community by not only teaching me, but emulating it as well. In the process I got to meet and know Paulina and James and then scores of other people whom I know and still see in the community today. He’s the one who empowered us and showed us how to plant roots in this community. For that me and my entire family will be forever great full. He showed me how much work it takes to mobilize players, coaches, umpires and volunteers to make baseball happen. Growing up playing myself, I had no earthly idea the amount of usually thankless behind the scenes hours of work this took. He did it all for the kids to experience the joy of baseball. He once told me he was a volunteer fire fighter but then stepped away and I asked him why he would do that and his answer was so humbling. In that role he could see himself helping someone maybe once a year, but would rather spend his time doing something that helped people all year long. That’s the kind of man he was always giving WAY more to the community than he ever got back. By now you’ve all read all of the heart warming tributes to Chris and the many ways in which he served us all and always with a smile and charisma that drew people into his warmth and made us all hope that we could be a little more like him. How I miss seeing you drive by and us waving to each other and the occasions when we could get together. You are a pillar of this city we call Airdrie and it is on your shoulders of the foundation you built that we stand and move forward. Chris, you are SO missed by so many. Your legacy here will live on in us and we will not let you down.

Our deepest condolences to you Paulina, James and Crystal. We have so many great memories of neighborhood backyard fire pits, karaoke nights, Halloween & Christmas parties, Wednesday night bowling, and camping with you all. Chris helped me many times with my vehicle or computer when my dad was not able, Chris was my back up! He was one of the only people to visit dad in the hospital last year, even when Chris' own health wasnt the best he took the time to check in on others. He was a big giant gentle teddy bear and had the best laugh! He will be missed

James and Family Very sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. He was our single fan that came out to every Airdrie Tytunz games to cheer us on. We appreciated his enthusiasm. Thinking of the Medori family during this difficult time.

Paulina,Crystal ,James and Family, We were so very sorry to hear that Chris passed away. I have known Chris and Paulina for many ,many years having worked at the University for many years as well and organized many AUPE Childrens Christmas Parties.Chris was the "Best Santa" ever, he was so passionate ,so professional and took time for every single child (there were times we had 300 children at our parties).He spoke to them,listened attentively to them and it was a joy to watch his patience. Not only was he the AUPE Santa he also became our Santa and he so entertained our family and the last time was this past Christmas and he was so proud of his beard. Chris loved his family and there was not a time that we met out shopping that he smiled with pride and told you what each member of the family was doing. Cherish his memory and rest in peace my friend.

Chris was always a gentleman and a kind soul. I will never forget his smile and laugh. He will be missed greatly.

Dear Paulina and family, please accept my deepest sympathies on the loss of your wonderful Chris. Reading all of the memories from friends and family, he sounded like an incredible man. I only wish I could have had the opportunity to meet him. You all now a very special angel watching over you. God speed and RIP in Chris. Much love and hugs to you all.

Chris was a pillar of the Airdrie baseball community. He was kind and happy to help in any way. Thinking about my baseball experiences growing up, it is hard to pick just one moment because Chris stands out as being at all of them. I remember him being at every practice and game. I have great memories of playing with James at the many regional and provincial tournaments we went to over the years and how proud Chris was. Baseball would not have been the same without him. My condolences to the Medori family.

My sincerest condolences to the family, and friends of this kind man. It was a honor to be a colleague of Chris, and his son James in the Electrical Industry where he was well respected. He will be very missed, my thoughts go to the ones you love.

Paulina, I'm so sorry for your loss! My thoughts are with you and your family. Biljana Arnautovic

Deepest condolences to the Medori Family . James your Dad was a special warm loving gentleman and will be missed by many. I have been blessed to have his bear hugs and to hear his funny jokes . I loved seeing him in his Santa outfit and asking if I had been a good girl (lol) to receive my hug and candy cane. Chris did many ECCA functions as Santa and attended meetings when he could just mingle and say Hello. Chris always updated me on your latest sport achievements James he was one proud Papa and I know you will miss your best friend . May your grief be instead filled with the lovely memories that were created. Take care if you need anything reach out. Cindy

James and Medori Family, I can not express our condolences enough to you. Chris is/was a special person and will be dearly missed by many upon many people. I have never met a person in my life that can light up a room like Chris, James I can see it in you as well and you should be very proud of that. You and Chris are two of a kind and I find peace in knowing that he lives through you. On behalf of everyone at T&B/ABB we are truly sorry for your loss and know thoughts and prayers are with you all. Sleep easy my friend.

So sorry to hear of Chris’s passing! Our heartfelt condolences to you all! Of course we all remember you all through the years in baseball! Truly sad and too young! Doug & Marcy

May Chris soul rest in peace. My love to you Paulina and family. From one of your former students at U of C.

Paulina, I am so sorry for your loss. I wish you and Chris had more time together. Wishing you strength and love and support.

Paulina, Even though I have been away from Calgary for 16 years now, I do keep in touch with the two Peters and with Aaron. It was Aaron who informed me of your loss. Kay and I share in your grief at this time and we pray that you will be strengthen by the love of your family.

Deepest condolences on behalf of the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta. Chris touched many hearts and will be deeply missed by the electrical industry. Our favorite memories will be of Chris as Santa at many Calgary Chapter Christmas functions.

Paulina & family, on behalf of our family, our hearts go out to you. We too work at the U of C, where your Chris was easily the best Santa I have EVER seen [anytime, anywhere]. Children know when an adult likes them, and he did, right from first sight at the AUPE Christmas parties. [even if they sit right at the very end of his knee, like our eldest did ...] How good it is to know that your son carries on with that. Michael & Carol Poland & family.

Paulina, I'm so sorry for your loss! My thoughts are with you and your family. Chris was a sweet and generous spirit and he will be missed! We're here for you if you need anything. Sincerely, Hala.

It is with many tears & heartbreak we heard of Chris’s passing. So many memories. The first time we met Chris & Paulina is when we were building our house next door to them in Airdrie. We heard a booming “Welcome Neighbour’s”. After that Friday nights were pizza & beverages at the Medori’s! We became friends well before we were neighbours...Could not have had better neighbours or friends. Backyard fire pit nights, camping, parties for any occasion ( some just as an excuse to get together), meals all shared. Without hesitation, Chris helped out my son & my niece on several occasions. Every Christmas “Santa” would grace our house. He loved steak & eggs benny even though we tried to talk him into grilled salmon!!! Paulina, James & have loved & lost as we all have, a very rare & special man & he will be sorely missed. This world is a much sadder place. Til we meet again, Chris. Rest easy big guy. ❤️

I am so sorry for your loss James and Paulina. Chris was a good man that was always there for his family. He seemed to be at every one of James’s hockey games, even the rec league games that had no meaning. Chris was always there to cheer on James and the rest of the team, it was easy to tell that he loved watching you play James and he was proud of you.

We of the Ark of Christ Victory Church sympathize with Paulina, Crystal and James on the home-going of our beloved brother, Chris Medori. We recall the sparks of excitement he brought to our end-of-year Couples’ Dinner in 2017 and the fun our kids had with him as Santa Claus in 2016. Chris was always with us at our Stampede Breakfasts, he was indeed a man that exuded life and brought smile to faces anywhere he went. May the Lord comfort the family and may He grant them the fortitude to bear the loss.

I can remember seeing Chris at the diamond all the time while playing ball with James throughout the years. The first memory that came to mind was when we were all little and we were having a baseball windup party at fletcher park. We played a scrimmage game, us 10 year old kids vs parents. When Chris was up to bat he would hit fly balls as high in the air as he could, which at the time seemed like they went a mile into the sky. All of us kids laughed as the ball flew in the air, wanting to catch it but also a little scared of the ball coming down. Chris loved to add joy to the game, which he clearly did since I can remember this moment so clearly. Airdrie baseball for a long time was synonymous with Chris medori. Mind you I think he also accidentally smoked one of the cluff boys in the shin with a line drive during that game. Unneccessary detail, but the memory makes me smile. Chris will be greatly missed. My condolences to the family.

Paulina and James Where do I start? Obviously baseball and hockey but my favourite times were opening up the concession at Fletcher and seeing Chris there bright and early. Chris asking for early hot dogs and me making them for him! Please don't tell anyone. I loved all of you like family and still do. Personally I know how you both feel so please if you need anything or just want someone to listen I am here for you. I will definitely miss running in to him and enjoying a chat. He will always be remembered.

James, Paulina, and Crystal. I am so sorry for your loss. Chris was a good man who always looked for the best in people. He was a hard working man who cared deeply for his family. I know that he knows he left behind two children who will live up to the Medori name and a loving wife. I’ll always remember him as the dad who would come in the dressing room during intermission asking James if he wanted a burger or Gatorade. Rest easy Mr Medori, you will be missed.

What a delight to have known Chris for nearly 20 years. His cheerful, positive and lively personality was inspirational and contagious.

Paulina I’m so very sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies to you and your family. May the many happy memories you have help carry you through this heartbreaking time.

I remember meeting Chris for the first time when I heard this voice say “howdy neighbor” and I looked over and seen Chris’s friendly face. Since that moment we became lake friends as him and his family had just moved their trailer into the lot right beside me and my family. Chris just wasn’t just my neighbor, he was a friend and we shared many good laughs, a few brews around the fire, some good tunes and even tools which I really can’t remember lending him any because he was like living beside NAPA and well equipped and had more tools at the lake than lots of people have at home in their garage. Chris was one of a kind and was one of the kindest, best people I’ve ever met. He would save up his cans at the lake and he would give them to my daughter Aurora because she told him that her parents have all these chores for her and even make her pick up dog poop and don’t pay her a penny and it’s gross and she never has her own money to buy what she wants at the store at the lake. I had a tab at the store at the lake for my daughter to get treats for her and her friends and Chris knew that but he just played along. He mentioned to me one time when I was cleaning up the dog poop before I was going to cut and weed whip my grass that I should get Aurora to do that and I said that kid doesn’t even pick up her clothes off the floor she put on for 2 minutes because she decided to wear something else. Chris just laughed and had that shit ass eaten grin on his face. Like I said he was one of a kind, very kind, generous and one of the best people I’ve met and known. Mine and Aurora’s thoughts, prayers, love and condolences go out to all of you.

I am very sorry to hear of your huge loss! I have many great memories of him coming into the daycare center to pick up James and he always had a smile on his face and made us laugh. He was an incredible Santa for the children at Christmas parties and was such a gentle soul! I know he will be greatly missed by many !!!!!

James and Family: Please accept my deepest condolences on your loss. Chris was a great guy and helped me in many ways. I will miss him!

Well where do I even start. I played ball with James and became good friends with him through baseball. Chris was one of James number Fans in every aspect. Whether it was baseball or hockey. Everytime I would see Chris at the ball diamond he would have a big smile on his face and making jokes and having a good time. If I didn’t have a ride to baseball I could always count on A ride from Chris and James. He had a big heart and He will be missed.

James, Paulina, and the rest of the Medori family I’m so sorry for your loss. Love all the great memories we had from the numerous seasons of ball we had together growing up. Thinking of you guys.

Paulina James and Crystal. We are so sad to hear of Chris’s passing. We remember the many hours that Chris volunteered his time with hockey and baseball. So dedicated to his family and community! Our deepest sympathy

The main thing I will always carry with me about Chris Medori is his incredible sense of humour. From the first time meeting him as a teen around the ball diamond, up until the last time I had the pleasure of talking with him, he always had a way of brightening up a room, park, or parking lot. I consider myself a better man having had Chris in my life, even if I didn't get the chance to get to know him all that well. My heart and soul goes out to the Medori gang.

James was a great friend of mine for many many years. He was such a great guy who was there for anyone and everyone who needed his help. He was a joker and loved to make people laugh. My deepest condolences to James, Crystal and Paulina at this time.

Dad, I always knew losing you would be the toughest part of my life - but I didn’t realize the pain I would feel losing my best friend as well. I could say I hate you for leaving; but I don’t. I’m beyond thankful you left on your own terms. Everything always had to be done by your playbook, and man, did ever you throw a hell of an audible on your last play... I love you Dad. I’d love to say it’s more than you’ll ever know - but the love you showed me from Day 1, is a love I could never even fathom. I want you to know that you always have, and always will be the inspiration in my life. Any aspirations of mine to be even half the man that I knew you to be, would be setting the bar at a level I could never possibly achieve. The man that you were was nothing short of incredible. I know you’ve never felt anything but the utmost pride in me - and you never failed to show that. What kills me the most Dad; is knowing I will never meet anyone that could even hold a candle to you as a person. You taught me everything I know, everything I am, and everything I’ll ever be. I can’t thank you enough for that. You chose a wonderful woman to live your life with, and that was evident in everything you did for Mom to reinforce that fact. Although I have struggled to come to terms with this unfortunate reality our family is now faced with - I have found significant peace in knowing you left us on your own terms, and at a time you knew was best for us moving forward. I could choose to be angry at the world for taking you from us, or I can choose to live every day the way you did - looking out for others, showing immense care and compassion to those I encounter, and expressing a love for my family that knows no boundaries. I choose the latter. I choose to make you proud. I want to be the man you saw me as through your own eyes. I could never find the proper words to truly express the gratitude I feel for having you in my life. It would be impossible to convey the love I will always have for you. You spent the entirety of our time together displaying love and affection that only a lucky few could ever know, and for that I will be forever grateful. You and I could have spent every waking moment in a century together, and I would still feel robbed of precious time with you. I’ll always wish that we had longer together. I’ll always wish I listened more intently. I’ll always wish I didn’t leave your side to go do something else, especially knowing now that you will always be on my mind, regardless of what I’m doing. It’s barely been a week, and I wish so badly that I could have any excuse to be in your arms. I wish that so, so, so badly Dad. I wish I could hear you call me your Monkey just one more time. I wish there were a way for these dreams to come true. I wish I cherished my time with you more than I did. But I’m also so thankful to know I’ll never meet anyone like you again... because it will always remind me of how astonishingly amazing, incredible, precious, important, and unique of a person you were. Dad, any person who ever met you could never deny how lucky they were to have you in their lives... so how lucky were Bailey, Crystal, Mom, and I to have had you all to ourselves? You were so loved by everyone you ever met - you never asked for anything in return for your love, you just focused on treating others by the Golden Rule, and I’m sure as per your selfless nature, only wished it would be returned in kind to your loved ones. How strong of a heart must you have had, surviving 7 heart attacks, among many other health issues, all the while teaching those around you how to truly love one another... Man oh man Dad, were we ever blessed beyond belief to have had you in our lives... wow is it incredible to think of... I highly doubt you’ll reply to this, but I hope you’re okay with me putting these feelings and perhaps some memories here, while the opportunity is still there. It may bring me a greater sense of peace to put my feelings in writing - because I wish I expressed them far more frequently while you were here with us. I love you Dad. I always will. I promise that you will still always be the first to know anything in my life... I just have to learn to accept that the one voice I‘ve always been so eager to hear won’t be speaking to me in the same way anymore... I know you’ll always be with me though, Dad. I love you. Always your Monkey, James

So sorry for your loss James, my condolences to and your family, Your dad was such a great man that impacted everyone he met, I will miss his laugh and the twinkle in his eye and especially that great big bear hug he used to give me whenever we met. He will be sadly missed by all, especially in our industry and at our AEA events where he was a wonderful presence.

So many great memories with Chris, White water rafting - zipping the big guy into his wet suit !, Karaoke at the Rafter Six Ranch Resort, Pistachio nuts being shared, heavy & constant laughter at the gift exchange Christmas parties. Chris's enjoyment making folks happy while being so hot under that Santa suit. Paulina always at his side, smiling, caring and sharing in his stories. He was my GO TO guy whenever I needed help with my Blackberry. Chris introducing me to fresh Polish Pierogies for lunch. Just a great guy! So happy to have worked with you, to have known you and your positive outlook on life. In my heart forever.

It was my pleasure to have worked with Chris and known him for 15 years. He was a big man with an even bigger personality and heart that everyone who had the fortune to know him loved. One of my fondest memories is when I got to spend a day riding along with him to meet our customers in Calgary. He knew everyone's name and something about them which made for a very interesting and unforgettable time. He will always be my favourite Santa! We will never forget you Chris...and our thoughts and prayers are with Paulina, James, Crystal and the whole family.

Paulina, my most sincerest and deepest sympathies to you and your family. God Bless, Comfort and Keep you.

I knew Chris through work, and have many great memories of him over the years. I am glad that I was fortunate enough to know him. I wish for comfort for his family and friends during this time.

James to you and Family, it is with the deepest sorrow to hear Chris has left us, so many of us that knew the man, respected him, appreciating everything that he did or tried to do, made him a friend and someone who we had the privilege of knowing. May his journey continue being one of peace.

What a pleasure it was to get to know Chris and the family. He was a true professional and even better person away from the office. A true gentlemen that made our industry great. He will be missed. Keeping him and the family in our thoughts and prayers. God bless.

My sincerest condolences to everyone. He lived life to the fullest. Was a pleasure to know Chris and to have worked with him In the Electrical industry. Rest In Peace big guy!

Our condolences to the family. It was a honor to be a colleague of Chris in the Electrical Industry where he was loved and well respected. Many great memories! He will be missed. Sincerely, Roger&Betty Jespersen

Paulina I was sad to hear of Chris passing. I know he had so many health problems and I think it was his love of you and family that kept him here. My deepest sympathies.

He was a wonderful happy man. He was always cheerful and welcoming. Such a loss to his family. Our condolences to you all hurting.

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