Remembrance Diamonds

The diamond has long been recognized as a symbol of eternal love and unceasing devotion. Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Services®, in association with Remembrance Diamonds Corporation, offers you a way to express your love and treasure the memory of a loved one in a totally unique way – with a stunningly beautiful diamond!

Imagine how distinctive, lasting and meaningful a Remembrance Diamond would be. This authentic gem raises the spirit of true remembrance to a level that a traditional memorial urn, while respectful, simply cannot match.

A Remembrance Diamond is created from a small portion of your loved one’s cremated remains. This complex process takes place at the state-of-the-art Algordanza laboratory located in Chur, Switzerland. The method of “growing” an authentic diamond replicates the same evolution that takes place under the earth: carbon + heat + pressure = diamond. But of course, it’s far from that simple. 

Once the ashes have been received, all inorganic substances are chemically removed until only organic carbon and trace levels of boron remain. Boron is the element that determines the blue colour of the diamond, and the intensity of the hue. The organic carbon is then converted into graphite which is placed in a diamond-growing cell and subjected to a temperature of 2,900º F and pressure equal to 725,000 psi. As a result, the graphite crystallizes, growing a magnificent diamond. The length of the growing period determines the carat weight of the diamond.

The creation of your Remembrance Diamond is a 5-stage process that can take up to 9 months to complete. Throughout this period, Alternatives® will contact you regularly with updates to let you know how your diamond is progressing.


Your Remembrance Diamond can be rendered in either of two varieties – Signature or Classic. Rather than being cut, a Signature diamond is meticulously polished to the desired size, ranging from 0.3 carat to 2.0 carats. Signature diamonds are unique and typically have a rough or non-symmetrical shape. No two are alike. A Classic diamond, alternately, is cut from the rough diamond to the shape you desire – Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Radiant or Heart.

Whichever you choose, your Remembrance Diamond will be delivered to you in a handsome diamond case – an exquisite memento of your loved one which will endure for as long as time itself.

At Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Services®, total satisfaction with your Remembrance Diamond is our absolute priority. You may be assured that the diamond you purchase is authentic in every regard. When taking delivery of your diamond, you will receive a certificate of authenticity from the Swiss laboratory that creates your diamond … plus a second independent certification from a Canadian gemological laboratory.

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