Robert Joseph Schmitt

February 18th, 2023

Robert Joseph Schmitt (March 1929 - February 2023)  (34+ years with CP Rail - Manager, Overseas Trade, Marketing and Sales
S - Sailing. Bob had an adventurous spirit and loved sailing.
 He was an excellent navigator with a sextant.
C - Challenge. He loved a challenge whether it be sailing, painting, golf, and the stock market but most of all he loved a verbal challenge!
He often locked horns with his daughter Roberta which he loved to do because she wouldn't back down and neither would he!
He would take the opposite view and 'discuss it '!
H - Humor.  He had an underlying ironic sense of humor which he shared with his oldest daughter Pat.  Of everyone Bob knew, his oldest daughter Pat, made him laugh the most.  The ability to make someone laugh is a precious gift.
M - He Marched to a different drummer.  How many people do you know who took off for 8 years on a sailboat?
He was well meaning but sometimes his words came out as a backhanded compliment.  He didn't mince his words.
I - Intelligence.  He was intelligent and respected intelligence.  He had a grounding in Latin and Greek as a result of attending a
Missouri high school run by Catholic brothers of the Oblate Order.
T - Talent.  Bob and his son Steve were talented. Steve is an accomplished silversmith and is known in the West for hand crafting bits and spurs, and for his restorations on many collectible pieces.
T - Thrifty - Motel 6 comes to mind although in later years we upgraded to Comfort Inn.  I must add that he was always generous with his family and me.
These are just a few things he treasured.
He loved each of his children and grandchildren.
He loved his friends.
We all miss him.
I miss him.
In accordance with his wishes, there will be no funeral.
Donations may be made to Canadian Red Cross, St. Paul's Hospital, V.G.H., Cottage Hospice, or Salvation Army.
I welcome you to share your memories.


In 2005, Sylvia and I travelled to Calgary for the wedding of our niece. Fortunately, my aunt and her husband attended, for this was the beginning of our wonderful friendship with Anne and Bob. From that time forward, we remained in steady contact. Rarely did a week go by when we did not talk with one or both of them. We visited them many times, spent months in their company while living in Vancouver where I twice spent sabbaticals. The past 17 years of friendship with Bob were memorable indeed, for I was able to enjoy and come to deeply appreciate his broad learning. He was in many respects very well educated, with catholic tastes, and a passion for reading. Having had a traditional Catholic liberal education, he became an accomplished autodidact. A razor-sharp wit, capacious memory, and a habit of reflection made him a formidable intelligence. Testing wits with Bob was one of the great pleasures that came from our friendship. In countless phone conversations and email exchanges, he pressed his arguments and questions. At the same time, he was unfailingly generous, and his sense of humor rarely faltered. In sum, he was an exemplary gentleman and, as the expression goes, “a man in full.” We loved him dearly. He will be greatly missed in the coming years.

Uncle Bob was a special guy. I always loved hearing tales of his international adventures and he loved to hear about mine. I will miss him very much! Sending love to the family!

...And I called him "Roberto" or sometimes the Crown Prince of Wine" and there were a few other endearing terms I used periodically. He was a most unique and knowledgeable person. A true Renaissance Man. If a vineyard or wine making term could be said better in Latin, Spanish, Italian or Romansch...he'd do it. He knew far more than I did about my little vineyard and the excellent wine that came from it. I only wish Roberto had lived closer to me so we'd see more of each other. Our communication was mostly via email. Although I knew Bob Schmitt in Canada from our mutual employers, it was really through Gary Ritzman that I got to know Schmitty. I still recall our golf games when Bob and Anne were in the Bay Area (Orinda) visiting Anne's sister I think it was. But it really came together with my vineyard and the "reams of emails" discussing each and every dastardly incident that had been done to me by the winery owners, winemaker, vineyard manager and in each category there were several. I think Roberto knew more than any of them! We even discussed my all time worst vintage the "better wine through chemistry" we called it (it wasn't! We (wife, daughter, SIL. along with Bob and Anne) finally got together for dinner in Vancouver a few years ago over some excellent steaks and fine wine (both Champion Lane and some of Darioush's finest. I'll always remember the evening... in a great restaurant that was affiliated with Hy's. A few other items: If anyone on earth loved the Dharma as much as Gary, it was the Commandant. In email communication, he refused to use subjects. (saying no personal letter ever had a subject). So I would aggravate him by assigning a subject on every return response. He ignored me but I knew it "bugged" him and he knew I knew! Was there ever a book he never read? Was there a language he didn't know a few words and phrases in? Did he suffer fools well (No!), but did he accept some people's quirks (Yes). Was he a Helluva a guy (Indeed) Will he be missed (in more ways that I can count) Rest in Peace my Friend/

Bob was a long time business colleague in Canada going back some 50 years as our principle contact with the CP in moving our Sea-Land containers across Canada. He became a great friend and in recent years we enjoyed many a phone call discussing Major League Baseball and the many changes in the game from Bob’s early years pulling for the Cardinals in St Louis. Bob was a strong baseball traditionalist resenting the many changes in the game that evolved in recent years. He was always a pleasure and fun person to work with who always lived up to his word and was an extremely dependable and reliable business partner. I will miss him greatly particularly during the upcoming baseball season and our frequent telephone conversations about the game we both loved. May God now bless his soul and comfort his family. Zeb McMillan

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