Dorothy Nicoll

August 21st, 2023

Dorothy “Dot” Nicoll 1927 - 2023

Dorothy Nicoll passed away on August 21, 2023, at home, surrounded by the loving family that she worked so tirelessly to raise. A retired nurse in her 95th year, she was under no illusions after her diagnosis and insisted on nothing less than being at home with her family. A hard working and strong-willed woman who was known to many as simply “Dot”, she rarely did things any way but hers. A blessing to her three sons, as she was rarely proven wrong. Though she was a no-nonsense woman with a nearly unflappable demeanor, her love for her boys was never in doubt. No matter what decision she made, they grew up knowing they were always the center of her world. Until she had grandchildren.

Born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, on the second of December 1927. To the immediate joy and love of her mother, Elsie Budden (Airth) and father, William Budden, they now had a daughter. Her two older brothers Bill and Art, alongside her eventual younger sister, Pat, made for a cozy family in the small town. While she enjoyed her early years hunting, fishing and otherwise enjoying the natural beauty of rural Saskatchewan, she found a lifelong calling in nursing, graduating from the University of Saskatchewan in 1950. Shortly thereafter she married her husband, Bill Nicoll. It wasn’t long before she had her first son as well, Gregg, followed by Glenn and Scott not long after. While her boys have many tales of mischief from their early years, Dot always made sure they had a safe, loving home to come back to. A woman unafraid of modern convenience, she was the first one in the town of Masset, BC, to own a microwave; undoubtedly saving her time while she and the sole doctor in the remote area provided medical services. Indeed, over her many years as a nurse, she would make a habit of living in many small towns, just as out of the way; always taking care of people, wherever she went.

Even in her later years, Dot was not going to stay idle. She attended the University of North Dakota and graduated at the age of 52, attaining her nurse practitioner’s certificate and would go on to work as a nurse practitioner for many years after, making lifelong friends along the way. Similarly devoted to the Peace Arch Hospice’s thrift store, she was a constant fixture there, well into her 90’s and only stopped by a global pandemic. Her love for plants and gardening left blooming flower beds wherever she went, always happy to pop by for a bit of pruning. Remarkably active in her later years, she was also the only 90-year-old her family knew of with “gym-buddies.”

Besides two Siamese cats and two miniature Schnauzers Rocky and Tiffy, Dorothy was predeceased by her brothers, Art, and Bill as well as her sister, Pat Budden. She was also sadly predeceased by her sisters-in-law Myra & Jewel Budden and her daughter-in-law, Rosanne Nicoll. Here to cherish the wonderful memories she left us with are her sons, Gregg (Patricia Langhorn), Glenn and Scott, as well as her favorite grandchildren Khistofer, Karrah, Harrison, Heather, Lawson, Alycia, and Spencer Nicoll. She leaves many nieces, nephews, and great-grandchildren.

Please, no flowers, as her family is already inundated with them and now lacks a singularly skilled gardener. If you would like to, please donate in her memory to the Peace Arch Hospice Society online at:

The family thanks the wonderful nurses and doctors of Peace Arch Hospital, who made her last shift much easier. We’ll take care of the flowers, okay Grandma? You make sure to keep mom in good company and say hello to the family. I’m sure they’ve missed you.

As she would have disliked nothing more than everyone gathering around and being sad in her memory, we will be holding a celebration of life on September 2nd from 2-4 PM. For further information, please call 604-536-9787.


I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. She was a great friend of mine. I first met Dot in grade 9, we became immediate friends ….after graduating, we both went into nurses training at Saskatoon.Dot was a lot of fun, always had fun remarks. I remember one time she and I each borrowed a 22 rifle (our dads,)we went to the southside in swift current and we were shooting at items across the creek, there were no houses near us, but we were in the city limits, somebody heard the shots and phoned the police, when they came they said they were going to take our guns. Dorothy said you can’t do that, this gun belongs to my dad. (they didn’t take them) I have kept in touch with your mom by mail until the last couple of years. She was a great friend.

Way to go Aunt Dorothy, you made it to 95. Speaking of modern conveniences, I remember when Aunt Dorothy got an automatic clothes washer when others were saying "You know they don't really get you your clothes clean." Aunt Dorothy loved being a nurse and she was able to be a mom and have a career long before most other woman. She was a true roll model for mothers with careers to come. Growing up I heard a lot of stories from Mom about their (Mom Aunt Dorothy & Aunt Jewel) high school years. It sounded like they had a lot of fun times. It was something that they all ended up being related by marriage. Thinking of you all. Cousin Leslie

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful woman not be reckoned with! Dot was no slouch when it came to her news. She loved CNN and drove everyone crazy with her political views. She was kind hearted and loved her family. Dot was also a woman who reminds me of my mother as she too loved her modern conveniences. Shouldn’t waste too much time cooking and cleaning when you could use your appliances that would do that for you. Rest easy Dot and give my good friend Rosie aa hug and kiss. Missing you my dear.

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