Abdul Rahman Aziz

March 30th, 2023

Abdul Rahman Aziz lovingly known as Bul.
He was strong, determined, kind, loved life & family…. all family far & near.
He was joyous, loved music, art, was a talented handyman, well read, eager to stay updated with technology & drove Faisal (more) & Amin nuts! 
He was commonly known as “champion” & it is a common phrase used by all.
He passed at a most special time, Ramzan. 
We are grateful & thankful for all your prayers. May he rest in peace.
He was a handsome man - he lived his life 102 years to the fullest. 
Independent, caring intelligent philosophical, he had a rapport with 6 generations around the globe.
He was a man of many diverse hobbies excelling in everything he did. Yoga, woodworking, carpentry, fishing, to name a few.
He was disciplined and determined; those two traits allowed him to stay in his own home completing his earthly journey on March 30th at the age of 102. 
In his words, thank you. God bless.


Nilo, Amin, Hashim and Karim. I am so saddened to hear that dad passed away. Out thoughts and prayers are with you. Love Blair and Lisa xoxo

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