Myrna Jeanette Abney

July 5th, 2014

Myrna Jeanette Abney, aged 78, died peacefully on July 5, 2014 at 4:37pm at Langley Lodge Care Home. Myrna was born in1936 in the family home on Ross St, Vancouver BC.  Parents, August Hemrich and Bernice (Allen) Hemrich, had seven children, Eleanor, Edward, Lorraine, Myrna, Beverley, Gloria, Gordon. Myrna is predeceased by her parents and sister Beverley as well as her husband of 41 years, Buster who passed away in 1993.

In 1952, Myrna married the love of her life Buster Willis Abney.  They started a family right away, Susan 1953 - Edward 1954 - Michael 1956 - Richard 1957 - Jeanette 1958 - Dorothy 1961 - Raymond 1962. It seemed she was following in her parents footsteps with seven of her own children.  They started their life together on Caloden Street and soon outgrew that home.  

In 1958 they moved into a new Richmond bungalow on Lamond Ave, built by Myrna’s Uncle Rod. Richmond was sparse back then, with much farmland between subdivisions, however they got to know all of their neighbours.  In 1963 their little bungalow was raised and became a two story home.  It was a home with love.  Myrna  stayed home and raised the children, she loved to bake and prepare meals, sew the kids clothes and make the most out of the funds available with the large family.  After the last child started school, Myrna was bored with being home alone, so she soon started a daycare in her home.  Lunch times were fun, with 7 of her own home for lunch and 5 or more extra daycare kids to feed.  But she thrived on bringing up the kids healthy and shared her love to all.  Even when her children were married and moved away, she continued to daycare including several of her grandchildren.  She could never say no when it came to children.  

Myrna loved the holiday seasons, with big family gatherings, meals included, and the house decorated to suit the occasion.  Her and Buster’s favorite meal was Chinese food or KFC.  Myrna especially loved her Lotto tickets, waiting for the big day to take all her children to Hawaii.  She was persistent in buying those scratch and win tickets, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Myrna was diagnosed with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) in 2000, which severely affected her balance, slowly deteriorated her eyesight, and was accompanied by dementia.  After 50 years in the family home, and outstaying all most all of the old timers in the neighbourhood, Myrna was no longer safe on her own due to the severity of falls that she had no control over.  It was hard for Myrna to lose her independence and sell her home, but she wanted to travel.  In February 2009 she moved in with her daughter Dorothy in Langley and enjoyed the travel bug each year, nothing held her down.  Her travels included, Mexico, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Orlando (her first trip to Disney World), Caribbean Cruise,  Cozumel, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Chicago, Indiana, Panama Cruise, Oklahoma, Fiji and Palm Springs to name a few.

Myrna is survived by all her children, 17 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren.

Myrna as a Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and true friend who will be missed by all who know that beautiful smile and mischievous personality.

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I knew Myrna since she took her 1/st breath we were all delivered at home by our loving GrandMother. Myrna was a special baby tiny & frail but through the years grew stronger When she learned to talk she seemed not to like her name as she would say No! Daghty meaning Dorothy actually did that for a few yrs.likely why one Daughter got named Dorothy Bussey as he liked to be called was friends with our Bro. Eddy from a very early age up to when he passed all this time Myrna was growing from a scrawny little girl into a beautiful young woman I am not exactly sure when they noticed each other but like to think it was when the boys were playing soccer in front of our house the ball went over by Myrna she kicked it back Bussey went to get it sparks flew started dating soon after they eloped & married they were such a Happy couple with a beautiful caring family They are up there smiling down at the legacy they left to follow.Love & miss you so much See you when I see you Your sis.El.njmcjd

My Mom was a wonderful caring person to everyone that she came in contact with. I don't remember any negativity she showed to anyone. I have a lot of fun memories sharing moments with my Mom, she was such a happy person to be with. I know she will never be out if my mind and I miss her so much. We picked July 24 to have Mom's service and celebration of life in memory of my Dad's birthday who passed away 21 years ago. The thought of my parents being together again, makes me accept her passing a little easier. I love you mom

I feel I am one of the newest members of the family, I can say that because of the way that Myrna welcomed me to the family. Her infectious smile is branded in my brain and I see it every time I think of her. I was blessed to have actually go on a few holidays with her and these moments I will treasure forever. I wish to share one thing because this just sums her up totally. We were in Vegas and just got back to the villa and I was unloading the van. First was yes Myrna. In the wheel chair she went with that smile. I proceeded to the back of the van for a few bags. What I failed to mention was it was really windy. So here I was getting bags when a gust of wind caught Myrna and sent her on a speeding journey. She was laughing, we all were laughing, I still had to run after her. I know anyone reading this and knew Myrna is laughing with me right now. I really do feel blessed to have got to spend, as short as it may have been, time with her. She was a wonderful lady ( even though she cheats at cards lmao ) I will truly miss her. There is a void in my heart that will never be filled.

A wonderful, caring, sharing Aunt not only to myself but numerous other's on the Abney side @ on the Hemrich side. Call ahead or just stop by & you'd always be welcomed. I remember so many camping trips their family used to go on over Princeton way, or family reunions down to the States, they loved their outings. No fancy motor homes for that family, just the basics, tenting! Uncle Buster was very involved with the cadets, therefore so was the whole family. Auntie Myrna will indeed be missed, but is now back in Uncle Busters arms & hopefully having a card game with my folks.

I will dearly miss my Aunt and Uncle. Even though I have not seen them/her often in the past years, I always enjoyed the time I did have with her. She was always good to me and my sisters and as generous as circumstances would allow. I loved her and Uncle Buster dearly. God will take care of them now and they are together in heaven. To my cousins, I feel your pain as I lost my Mum in 2000. It will lessen over time but remember the good times and all the fun you had with them. They are blessed with their 7 kids and I know they both loved you all very much.

My memories of Myrna (and Buster) are of family get-togethers at Aunt Lil and Uncle Hectors, and picnics at the beach and later at King George Park in Richmond. Always she had a beautiful smile and a great laugh. I ran into her one day at Shoppers Drugmart. She was on her scooter and was buying lottery tickets. Lots of lottery tickets!! How she kept track of the tickets she was buying was truly amazing lol. As I am sitting thinking about her I can see her in my minds eye and see that twinkle in her eye and I am smiling. She will be missed. I know that Myrna held a special place in my Mom and Dads heart. There is a lot of giggling going on in heaven. God Bless you Myrna

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