Josette Elizabeth Mangatal

July 9th, 2022

Josette Mangatal born June 14th, 1962.
Is survived by her husband Russ, 5 children, 19 grand children, 1 great granddaughter, mother and father, 4 brothers, 2 sisters, many nieces and nephews. The list goes on and on with family and friends who loved her.
 She was a woman who had an incredible zest for life. She colored the world and left us wanting more. Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting her would be dazzled by her presence. 

Always loved, never forgotten!



 I am so happy it was with me that you chose to spend the last 30 years with. You are an amazing person; I do feel privileged.  We had so much fun, and you taught me so much. I am truly honored. You had more inner strength than the "Big Guy" himself. I always told you that you were a TRUE SOLDIER in every sense of the word. My love for you is unconditional. You are my very, very special, genuine, kindest person in the world. My little fighter, with a huge heart. I don't want to say goodbye, that just seems final, so I'll see you later. Ok? Because I'm sure we'll see each other again.

-Russ (husband)-


Our mother was kind, goofy, and quirky!

Full of spirit!

She never seemed to grow up or age like Peter Pan in never-never land.

-Domini (daughter)-


My beautiful Josette: the sweetest child grown into the most beautiful person anyone can imagine. Her empathy for others was unbelievable, considering she had so much to overcome. Her departure is severely devastating. There was always laughter in our conversations - ending with peace of mind and happiness.

Goodbye to our loving daughter she will not be forgotten. 

-Bridget (mom)-


Josette was the oldest of my three daughters. When we moved from Trinidad and Tobago, they tested her level of education.  Instead of the first grade she was placed in the third. She was always a top student. She was a very kind and a loving daughter. We kept in touch on a weekly basis, and I'll miss her all the days of my life.

Josette when you get up there, keep an eye on me.

-Vernon (dad)-


Josette had a servant’s heart for helping others with mental disabilities. She dedicated her life to administering programs and support for anyone who reached out to her. She loved her family and enjoyed the simple pleasures of life. In spite of her lifelong suffering, she always put others first...she is loved and will be missed by many.

We will miss your beautiful smile.

From Fond memories of Auntie Joe's love of cooking, colourful style, sweet voice, and telephone conversations.  Lots of love. Gone too soon 

-Wayne (brother) and family-


She was really truly loved by everyone.  She could ALWAYS make you laugh, smile, feel good about yourself even when she was going through her dialysis.  She never had a negative moment. No matter what I was doing I would always take the time to take her call.  I loved hearing from her.  She could always cheer me up. I remember for Halloween she would help us train to be ninjas so when we dressed up as ninjas, we could act the part.  I loved it when there were a couple of Christmas's when she would take us out caroling. She was always so full of life. I love you so very much.  We ALL love you so very much.  Thank you for being apart of mine and my children’s lives. 
-Love Chance (niece)-


Josette, unfortunately I only have childhood memories of you. Playing together as children in Trinidad. Sadly we lost touch when your entire family left for Canada in a Ship! SORRY I didn't know you were terribly sick, but pray now you are free from pain and at peace! Condolences to all our families and friends affected by this Loss. Love for each other will Never Fade Away and we all will continue to have Fond Memories of You! Rest in Peace JOSETTE!! Your Cousin ( Minnie)

Our condolences to everyone who had the privilege in knowing Josie. May she Rest In Peace

Josette always had the ability to make people feel appreciated and comfortable. Josette would always be remembered even in her passing. Our condolences to those of us that Josie left behind. Liz (cousin) and the T&T family

Josette's passing is so sad and unexpected. My heart goes out to Uncle Vernon, Auntie Bridget and the entire family. I haven't seen Josette for years, though we had a lovely telephone conversation a few years ago while I was working in the Cayman Islands. Although distance hasn't allowed for much time together, beyond a few visits to Jamaica or Canada, I have always felt a close connection with my sweet, talented, deep- thinking and feeling cousin. Though our families have lived so far apart all these years, the Canada Mangatal family has always been held dear to the Jamaica / U.S. Mangatal families. If it is in any way possible, I feel sure Grandpa Joe, Uncle Alfred, Auntie Zerina and other family, will be up there to welcome you, Josie. Rest in peace, Love, Ingrid

Dear Family, Busta, myself, Dany and Claudette extend our condolences to all of you for your loss. I know Busta has been praying for all of you. Sincerely Nancy (cousin)

From what I can remember… All your visits over the years. Spending time with me; making puzzles; singing karaoke that Domini had bought, and showing me how to outline with crayons (even though mom had already shown me haha). I remember you loving up my poodle and being “young, wild and free.” I hope exactly that for you Aunty Joe —> to be wild and free. May you sore above us and plant much laughter on our journeys.

FYI...We are not accepting flowers. Donations can be made to Vancouver Coastal Health in honor of Josie.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved family member.

Josette You were my friend my sister. We lost touch over the years but the last time we spoke it was like no time or distance passed. It was like when we were kids, we picked up where we left off. My childhood was the best because of you being a big part of it. Whether we were playing outside. Kick the can or hop scotch or just hanging in your step with your parrot Cokoit Sleep overs and the late night curried chicken :) my first introduction to truly cleaning a plate chicken bones and all. Lol Your smile and laugh was infectious and I miss this the most. You were always there when I needed to talk. I thought of you often and most recently this past week. I must have known something was wrong. I wish you weren’t needed elsewhere I will see you again. I love you Andrea Genereux

Josette was resourceful, entertaining, witty, a truly special individual to be around. I am thankful for having her spend what time she did with us in Winnipeg so many years ago. She will truly be missed❤️

We love you ❤️

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