Helpful forms needed for Registration of Death, Advance Planning, Estate Assistance KitThis section provides PDF documents that will be required to register a death in your province. Whether a death is imminent or has already occurred you can print and fill out the pertinent information and keep it on file, or have it ready when you are visited by one of our Funeral Directors after the death has occurred.

We are pleased to provide you with important access to the various forms that may be very helpful to you.


Provincial Death Certificate – Service Alberta


Advance Planning Form

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Estate Assistance Kit Order Form - $100.00 plus GST

The duties of an executor can be time-consuming. Most people are not sure what to do or where to start, and are concerned about the amount of time required to carry out their duties. Some are also worried about the implications of making a mistake. Our Estate Assistance Kit addresses these common concerns guiding you through the settlement of an estate as well as saving you time and money.

Our Estate Assistance Kit provides practical information including forms, checklists, letters, and worksheets to assist the Executor with the administrative tasks that must be done when settling an Estate.

With the Estate information you provide, our forms and letters will print with personal details – ensuring that all written correspondence is consistent, saving you time.

To download your Estate Assistance Kit Order Form, click here. Once completed, please fax it to the number indicated on the form.