Fentanyl Prevention Program


Kids can be overly optimistic. Often, they tend to think that nothing really bad will happen to them - even if they are experimenting with drugs. They will be careful. But how much care is it possible to exert when the drug in question, fentanyl, can kill with as little as two milligrams – the same amount as two grains of salt. As a company involved in providing funeral services, we at Alternatives Funeral and Cremation Services® deal with the dead routinely in the course of our business. Usually, these are people well-advanced in years who have lived a full life. But all too often in recent months, we are being called on to assist a distraught family in planning a funeral service for a teen or young adult family member – the result of one terrible and tragic decision.

We believe that the answer to the epidemic of fentanyl-caused deaths is prevention, and this has motivated us to prepare an educational presentation to help reach this goal.


The impact of fentanyl use on our communities is devastating, and shows no sign of letting up. Now we must proactively work together to help our youth understand the lethal nature of fentanyl and the need to avoid it. Or, we get used to having our school officials call in grief counsellors to help students deal with the sudden loss of friends and classmates.

With the help of community resources, we have developed a presentation suitable for children aged 12 and up and their parents. The program combines the use of some stark and compelling visual aids and the input of health care professionals and community liaison workers who deal with the reality of drug deaths on the front lines.

Our presentation takes only about 45 minutes, but we believe it can have a lasting impact on those who might be tempted to experiment with recreational drugs that could contain fentanyl.

Don’t miss the opportunity to HELP EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN about the tragic outcome of fentanyl.

Interested parties wishing to book the Alternatives® Fentanyl Prevention Program should contact John Romeyn at 604-857-5779, email: FentanylPrevention@MyAlternatives.ca, or use the contact form below. 


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