At Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Services®, we are very proud to be one of only a select few funeral homes in North America that are 3-Leaf rated by the Green Burial Council of North America. From caskets and urns made of biodegradable materials, to environmentally friendly embalming methods, and alliances with Green Certified cemeteries, we strive to aid in the reduction of carbon emissions, conserve natural resources, and preserve our habitat.

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Bamboo Shroud with Willow Carrier.

$495 (includes Willow Carrier rental tray)


Wooden dowelled solid poplar. No metal, with raw cotton.


The Willow

The willow caskets are crafted by hand in small rural cottage environments. The willow plant is fast-growing, making this a very sustainable material from which to produce caskets. This durable casket has a flat top and attractive design perfect for families that desire a simple farewell for a loved one. The willow casket is fully lined with a natural, un-bleached cotton interior, matching pillow and privacy shield.



Scattering Urn Mini

The Passages Collection of Scattering Tubes is designed and engineered to simplify the scattering process. The tubes, 12 ½” High, 6 ½” Wide, are durable, dignified and simple to use. Each features a convenient removable lid and an industry-first, perforated “push in” tab that opens easily prior to scattering. They contain no metal or plastic components and can be recycled or composted after use. Suitable for “in-cabin” airline transportation. If multiple family members or loved ones want to participate in scattering, even in multiple locations, mini-size scattering tubes, 5 ½” High, 3” Diameter, allow for that option.