Josephine Wan-Yee Chow

July 16th, 2021

It is with profound sadness that we announce the peaceful passing of Josephine Wan-Yee Chow on July 16th, 2021. She was surrounded by her loving family.


Josephine was born in Hong Kong on November 2, 1950. Being the youngest child and the only daughter of the Chow’s family, she was adored by her parents and two older brothers. She attended the St. Francis’ Canossian College for both elementary and secondary education and studied English Literature at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Through her studies Josephine accumulated an impressive collection of books which her family still greatly admires to this day. After graduation, she spent a year teaching English in a secondary school and then joined the civil services of Hong Kong Government working in the Housing Authority, where she met and married Sam Wong, her companion of life.


Josephine dedicated her life to her family as a devoted wife and mother. After working nearly 18 years in Housing Authority and was about to advance to a higher management position, she selflessly gave up her own career in 1996 at the age of 45 and immigrated to Canada to secure a better education for her two sons, Kenneth and Dennis. Kenneth, who had a forgettable time in the highly regarded Diocesan Boys’ School in Hong Kong, completed a Bachelor in Computer Science at University of British Columbia and Master of Business Administration at City University of Hong Kong. Dennis, who failed grade 6 math in elementary school, went on to complete a PhD in Microbiology at University of British Columbia and MD at University of Toronto, and he is now a specialist in Internal Medicine and Clinical immunology and Allergy. She taught her sons to live their lives to the fullest with loyalty, honesty, modesty and integrity. Most importantly, Josephine supported her sons through their ups and downs, and her words of encouragement and comfort held the world together for them whenever they encountered challenges.


To support Sam in obtaining his professional accounting designation, Josephine took care of the entire family and home in all aspects almost alone for the first two years in Canada. With Josephine’s full support, Sam eventually obtained CPA designation and successfully acquired a management and professional job in the Treasury Department of the University of British Columbia in 1999.


Josephine was a good-hearted person who truly loved helping others. She was a person who devoted herself to make a difference in the world. Through the sponsorship program of the World Vision, she had been gifting for more than 20 years supporting children of various poor and developing countries for change of life and improvement of education and living environment. She was also a long-term donor to various charitable organizations in Canada. Even when she was ill, she proactively provided encouragement to other fellow patients based on her own experience and was delighted to see her effort bringing a change to others.


Josephine was predeceased by her father Chow Kuen Man, and her elder brother Chow Hing Kai.  She was survived by her mother Wong Mui Ying, elder brother Chow Hing Chuen Louis, and sister-in-law Cecilia Chow. She will be missed dearly by her beloved husband of 40 years, Sam, her sons, Kenneth and Dennis, daughters-in-law, Sally and Eileen, three beloved granddaughters, Chelsea, Courtney and Charlotte along with numerous cousins and relatives in Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and US.


The absence of her love will leave a gaping hole in the lives of her family and friends. She will be remembered for her immense kindness, selflessness and generosity.  Josephine will be forever loved and never forgotten. 


A funeral service will be held at St. Monica Parish in Richmond on July 29th, 2021 at 11 AM.

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the BC Cancer Foundation in Josephine’s memory at



Beloved cousin,Josephine, We will never forget your kindness and smile.You are always in our hearts.

樹仔舅父,請接受我们最深切的哀悼。 "I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love." --Leo Buscaglia

My dearest sister, rest in peace. You are always my favourite sister and we will remember you forever deep in our hearts.

Rest In Peace. Condolences to the family.

永遠懷念藴儀,願您主懷安息 I will always miss Yun Yi, and may your Lord rest in peace

Beloved cousin Josephine, Many good, sweet, valuable memories of our time together. Sure will miss you and your smiles. Rest in peace and may the Lord grant you eternal life.

Although I can't be with you while you remember your loved one, you're in my thoughts from afar. I had a fond memory of you while we grew up together, you always treated people sincerely at your heart.

永遠懷念蘊儀姑燦爛和有感染力的笑容,還有您那顆善良的心。願您安息,早歸極樂。 I will always miss Yunyi's brilliant and infectious smile, and your kind heart. May you rest in peace and return to bliss soon.

Josephine was one of the most beautiful person I ever knew, both inside and outside. She will be missed.

Our thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family. You will be deeeply missed. RIP Josephine

Josephine's kindness and charming smile is always in our hearts that we will never forget! Rest in peace

Holding you close in our thoughts and missing Josephine with most heartfelt sympathy. I was incredibly fortunate to have met my lifetime friend Josephine in the Hong Kong government back in the 1980s. I will always be reeling from this loss and celebrate what a special, genuine, kind person she was. Her gentle soul will always be in our hearts!

My beloved sister-in-law, Rest In Peace. You were always in my heart.

We never forget your charming smile Yours sincerely Elaine and Eric

Wan Yee, we will always remember you !!! ❤️❤️❤️

Josephine was a great supporter to my brother Sam and a great sister-in-law to the “Wong” family. Without her, there wouldn’t be such a successful family. She will be dearly missed and forever remembered in my heart. May she rest in peace! Anita

Sam, I’m sorry for your loss.Your family is in my thoughts and prayers at this time. Josephine was a lovely and kind lady. She will be greatly missed.

"WONG Mama" is always in my thoughts and heart.

Josephine was a great supporter to my brother Sam and a great sister-in-law to the “Wong” family. Without her there wouldn’t be such a successful family. She will be deeply missed and forever remembered in my heart. May she rest in peace! Anita

Dear Sam and family, We share your pain. Fond memories remain of our dinner gathering on our brief stopover in Vancouver January 2018. Manchiu (with cousin Flavia Wing Yee)

I got acquaintance with Josephine when I first went to Canada in 1996 with my family and stayed in Sam’s house for two weeks. She was a kind, helpful and happy person. Thanks to her, the two families had a wonderful time in Vancouver. I strongly believed that without her silent support, Sam couldn’t obtain his professional achievement so easy. I know that Josephine believed in Buddhasium. She would have a wonderful, peaceful and painless life in another world. We all miss you Joe, Sam, be strong and live the way you want. Take care and hope we will meet again either in Canada or Hong Kong

永遠懷念王太Josephine 的正直,善良和樂於助人的高尚人格!

Josephine We always remember your charming smile RIP Eric and Elaine

May the comfort of our Lord be with you and your family. Josephine will be deeply missed by us.

Josephine is a good friend of mine when we were co-workers at Home Ownership Centre in HK. We always shared our kids experience as she’s just sitting on my left side. She was the one who referred and provided me information when she knew my plan for immigration. Our choice of destination is the same in Vancouver. Both Josephine and Sam helped me a lot on social aspects especially when I was living alone here in Burnaby with my two kids Manson and Mandy. Sorry for Josephine’s absence. She’s always in our hearts.

Josephine was really a good mother and wife.

A beloved sister forever in our hearts!

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