Grief & Healing

Grief is absolutely natural after a death has occurred. However, when it is accompanied by a prolonged inability to sleep, lack of appetite, lack of desire to do anything or an inability to concentrate, some people understandably feel the need for additional support and guidance. We are happy to provide contact information for organizations in your area that can assist you in finding the support that is right for you.

To help children address their grief, we are able to provide a complimentary copy of the Sesame Street “When Families Grieve” kit. This includes a DVD, a guide for parents and caregivers, plus a children’s storybook. Please speak with one of our Licensed Funeral Directors to request your personal copy of the grief kit.


The Compassionate Friends - Grief Support After the Death of a Child



Established in 1995, it is the first online information and self-help resource for, and by, widows and widowers. Topics covered include grief, bereavement, recovery, and other information helpful to people, of all ages, religious backgrounds and sexual orientations, who have suffered the death of a spouse or life partner.


Dr. Alan Wolfelt - Noted Gried Specialist

Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt

Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt is a noted author, educator and practicing grief counselor. He serves as Director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition in Fort Collins, Colorado and presents dozens of grief-related workshops each year across North America.