Obituaries are placed in alphabetical order by surname. 

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Beston, Deanna

April 5th, 2022

Beug, Erwin John

November 11th, 2022

Biasutto, Frank (Bumpy)

January 3rd, 2018

Biglin, Mark Joseph Andrew

April 11th, 1981 ~ August 19th, 2019

Birnie, Glen

October 31st, 2014

Bjornson, Louis George

June 25th, 2019

Blackwell, Phyllis Rita

January 12th, 1944 ~ September 4th, 2014

Blair, F. John

September 18th, 1955 ~ November 8th, 2014

Bloos, Malcolm Floyd

March 7th, 2022

Bloski, Joseph

October 16th, 2020

Bobyck, Bill

May 11th, 2016

Bobyck, Mike

November 25th, 2018

Bodnar, Adam William

November 4th, 2019

Bodnar, Steven John

July 2nd, 2021

Boehm, Alvin Ernest

September 11th, 2022

Boese, Eric

March 22nd, 2017

Bogdon, Myrle Olive

July 18th, 2021

Bohach, Raymond

October 16th, 2016