Gary Wanstall

April 5th, 2024

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I didn't know Gary but I found out through my sister (Dana Slater daughter of John Slater) that Gary was my dad John Slater's cousin. I cam into the family years later because I found my dad. Anyway, Gary's death still had a profound impact on me. I found myself trying to get to know him through reading about him and some interviews he was kind enough to give. He sounded like a selfless and giving man who helped others and never stopped giving...even when he was sick. I feel sad for his wife, son and grandchildren even though I've never met them or Gary. It's strange...even someone you've never met such as a distance family member, still has an impact on your life. My deepest condolences to everyone Gary has touched.

So sorry to hear ! Since condolences to the family !! Gary ( Rocket ) was a client of mine during his concert promotion days and was a fantastic guy to deal with ! We would do some business then spend hours talking baseball ! Great guy !

Knew Rocket from the 'Seeds of Time' days when I would do shows with them . . then many of his other groups including the Rocket Norton band and of course Prism. Did over 60 shows as a promoter with Rocket and became close friends through all the years. He accomplished more in his shortened lifetime than anybody i knew personally. Sincerest condolences to his wife 'B' and his family. Miss him terribly. As the Righteous Brothers sang 'If there is a Rock n' Roll Heaven', Rocket will be on stage behind the kit.

Thank you for your priceless contributions to rock and roll. You are already sorely missed.

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