Rosani Jordan

May 7th, 2024

Rosani Jordan.

Words are not enough to describe her.


Rosani is the most selfless person I have ever known.

She embodied the very essence of selflessness, generosity, and kindness. Her eagerness to help others and her innate benevolence were truly inspiring and left a lasting impression on all those who crossed her path.


Rosani the life of the party.

She was a bundle of energy and positivity. Her lively and jolly personality could light up any room she walked into. She had an infectious sense of humor and never failed to entertain the people around her. She would crack jokes, tell funny stories, and perform silly antics, not caring about looking foolish or awkward. Her main goal was always to make everyone else laugh and have a good time. Her ability to keep the party going and the people around her in high spirits made her the life of every gathering she attended.


Rosani as a provider.

Rosani was a young woman when she left her home in the Philippines to become an Overseas Filipino Worker in Taiwan. She did it to provide for her family, including her daughter, siblings, and mother, as well as her husband. Despite the burden of being the family's sole provider, Rosani never complained and remained someone her loved ones could rely on. Whenever someone needed help, Rosani was always willing to lend a hand, even to those who had previously borrowed money from her but had not yet repaid their debt. Although her heart was soft and fragile, Rosani was strong and determined to care for her family and make a better life for them.


Rosani as a friend.

Rosani is the kind of friend who ensures that nobody in the group feels left out. Even if you are living across the globe, she always keeps in touch. She always try to keep in touch despite her very busy schedule. She also goes to great lengths to make sure that everyone is having a good time, even if it means doing crazy things like dancing, making funny faces or singing in her silly voice. She would always joke about her voice, saying that it sounds like a can because she ate a lot of canned sardines as a child. She is very talkative and has a great sense of humor that can make everyone laugh and giggle. She has many friends and should be crowned as Ms. Friendship wherever she goes. Whenever her friends invite her to parties, she always makes time for them and would say "habol ako" which means "I'll be late but I'll be there".


Rosani as a daughter.

Rosani was an extraordinary daughter who had an unwavering devotion and deep love for her mother that was truly remarkable. Her thoughtfulness knew no bounds, as she always went out of her way to anticipate and meet her mother's every need and desire. She was a shining example of selflessness, always putting her mother's happiness above her own, even if it meant sacrificing her own comfort and well-being.

The depth of her love for her mother was immeasurable, and she stopped at nothing to ensure her mother's happiness and well-being. She was always there for her mom, providing unwavering support and care, and making sure she felt loved and cherished every day. Whether buying her mom what she wants, taking her on cruises and vacations, or simply spending quality time together, she always found new ways to show her love and appreciation.

When it came to loving and caring for her mom, she was truly a force to be reckoned with. Her dedication and commitment to her mother's happiness and well-being were an inspiration, reminding us of the incredible power of love and the bond between a mother and daughter.


Rosani as a sister.

She was the eldest sister in the family and was not just a sister, but a mother figure to all her younger siblings. She was a rock-solid support system for everyone and was always available whenever someone needed her, even if she was on the other side of the world. Despite the time difference and geographical distance, she always found a way to be an active part of everyone's life. She was always present at all the important events, be it birthdays, graduations, or other milestones. No matter where she was, you wouldn't feel like she was far away because of how involved she was in everyone's life.

Growing up, the distance was never a barrier between her and her siblings. She always made sure that she had a way to communicate with them, whether it was through phone calls, video chats, or social media. She had a knack for making everyone feel like they were her top priority, even when she was busy with her own life.

Throughout her siblings' lives, she remained a constant presence. She provided guidance, emotional support, and practical help whenever needed. She had a way of making everyone feel loved and valued. Even when she was not physically present, her siblings would always feel her influence and support.

She is a true angel who had a positive impact on everyone's life. She was someone who always went above and beyond to show her love and support for her siblings, no matter what.


Rosani as a mom.

Rosani was a remarkable mother who made an unforgettable impact on her family's life. She had to make a difficult decision to leave her young daughter behind to support them, which was a challenging and heart-wrenching choice. It's hard to imagine the pain and anxiety she must have felt, knowing she would miss out on witnessing every moment of her child's growth and development. It was even more challenging for her to leave her loved ones behind and move to a different country, which was a scary and nerve-wracking decision to make.

Despite all her fears and worries, she persevered and stayed for her family and daughter. She knew that this was the only way to provide a better life for her family, and she was determined to make it work. It wasn't just her daughter that she cared for - she was a mother to six children, including her five siblings.

I remember her telling me how difficult it was to move to a foreign country without knowing anyone. She didn't know how to start, where to go, or whom to trust. She had to overcome language and cultural barriers, which was challenging and isolating. Despite all these difficulties, she remained focused and determined to provide a better life for her family.

She loved her daughter deeply and wasn't just a mother, but also her best friend. They shared a special bond that was unbreakable, and they would talk about everything under the sun, from work to personal matters. She was her daughter's rock, her shoulder to cry on, and her best friend. Her daughter was lucky to have her as a mother, and her legacy will continue to live on through her family and loved ones.


Rosani Jordan.

Rosani had a tough life but she was able to enjoy her life in this world. She was able to meet lots of good people. She was able to make a difference to people she met. All the people she met from The Philippines to Taiwan, up to Canada and from the places she visited, she was loved and will always be loved by many. What happened to her was so sudden, she was perfectly healthy, it all started with a sore throat, and then for some reason, the over-the-counter medication she took made her throat swell leading to blockage on her airways, and cardiac arrest. Paramedics had a hard time reviving her (18 minutes), so the oxygen in her brain wasn't enough to keep it functioning well, leading to brain death three days later. It is tough for everyone who loves her. It was so sudden. Everything was so sudden and it happened so fast. But we all know that everything happens for a reason and with God's purpose. We may not understand it right now, but God will reveal it in His perfect time.


Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given Rosani and us - the family.

We greatly appreciate everything you have done to support us in these tough times. May Rosani's love and memories stay in your hearts. We will be forever grateful and may God bless you and your family for your kind hearts.


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