Ardyth Madeline Barrette

May 23rd, 1942 ~ May 26th, 2024

In Memory Of

Ardyth Madeline Barrette, lovingly known as Maddie

May 23, 1942 - May 26, 2024

Maddie passed away May 26th with her daughter Lorna steadfastly by her side. She fought until her 82nd birthday as the strongest woman we know. She had the tenacity and strength to raise her four children (Lorna, Simone, Rob & Mark) to become a strong, independent and courageous family.

She lived her life on her own terms. Her unwavering determination and resilience were evident in the face of all of life’s challenges. She took all of life’s obstacles with grace and courage, inspiring everyone around her. She cherished her independence but was always there to lend a helping hand to those closest to her. Maddie’s selflessness and generosity touched the lives of all of us. She left an incredible mark on our hearts.

There are few people in the world who can genuinely be as authentic as her. Zero fucks given, zero thought to how others challenged her. She was truly a legendary woman that taught us all to stare down the adversity in life and to tell it we will not be overcome.

Her family meant more to her than life itself. In her last moments she shared with me that she loved her family “eternally”. It was a great moment; it was a great day and I have never seen her happier. She spoke of cherry blossoms and the breeze in the air.

Her last wishes were to wish each of us to prosper in our lives.

A tribute to her family:

Lorna, her rock, her heart, and the woman that shepherded her through her final days.

Mark, bless him in heaven who has always been missed by us all.

Simone, her heart, her faith and her love for her family.

Rob, his grit, determination and fortitude to persevere.

Britt and her wife Melissa, their kids Harlynn and Greyson, lit her smile up more than anything to see your growing family.

Brock, Kailey and your Nacho fur baby truly made her heart melt.

Bash & Steven, you embody the tenacious spirit of our family

My wife Jen for holding and caring for me during this difficult time.

We will always love you and use your courage as inspiration to move forward in life.

We will strive to be better every day as an honor to your legacy.

Grandma, we love you and there will never be a day we don’t miss you.


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