Frank Dyck

December 19th, 2023


AUG 19, 1949 - DEC 19, 2023


Frank was born on Aug 19, 1949, in Rosthern, Saskatchewan to Peter and Susanna Dyck.  He passed away peacefully in his home in Surrey, B.C on the evening of Dec 19, 2023, at the age of 74.

The fourth oldest of 16 brothers and sisters, he leaves behind a large family. 

His daughter Melanie, her mother Brenda, 11 brothers; Henry, Peter, Abe, John, Jake, Neil, David, Carl, George, Ernie, Phillip and 4 sisters; Martha, Susie, Bertha, and Lena.

Frank had many passions in life. One being his love for cooking.  From his famous Hawaiian turkey at Christmas and Thanksgiving to his delicious, sweet n sour ribs, borscht, and many other homemade soups.

Above cooking, he had a great passion for music. He loved playing his guitar, singing, and writing music.  He enjoyed going out dancing and recently shared a special dance with his daughter Melanie at her recent wedding in July 2022.  Memories of that day and many others will be cherished forever.  

He loved telling jokes and making people laugh.  His sense of humor and stubbornness made him one of a kind.

Frank's wishes will be fulfilled through his daughter with the scattering of his ashes on the family farm in Hague, Saskatchewan in the Spring of 2024 with his family gathered around to celebrate his life.

Every time the sun shines down, we will feel your warmth. Every time the wind blows you are guiding us in the right direction.  Forever in our hearts, loved always and greatly missed but never forgotten. May you rest in peace until we meet again. 


It has been a great joy having known Frank for over 20 years. In this time we were great dance partners, shared the love of music, gardening, cooking & canning together. We made several trips to Kamloops where my Dad would welcome him like a son. We spend some good times with Dad. I remember Dad’s eyes would light up whenever Frank showed up. “Those two were like 2 peas in a pod.” Frank was kept busy fixing things and helped by planting a huge garden where the biggest beets, carrots and potatoes would grow. Shopping and cooking was another venture with those 2. Frank was like another son to him. I can see them now, together up there. Frank also became a close friend to my Mother and brothers , also welcomed as part of the Family. We had the pleasure of travelling to Saskatchewan to meet his Mom and all his siblings for a family reunion, then another reunion in Vanderhoof, Elk Point to see my home town, Okanagan wine tour, Nakusp, Arizona and Cuba. Each place had the fondest of memories. We did so much and we were always there for each other, for support and companionship. I’m thankful for all the weekends I spent with Frank this year, helping out in the house, and just being there was important. Frank- my best friend …you will be so greatly missed! Im so blessed to have had you in my life and know you are at peace now.

Frank was a good friend. He knew the difference between right and wrong. He believed in the truth, and was often a tad too eager to share his honesty with people, which often got him into "social confrontations" shall we say. These traits made Frank one of the most entertaining story tellers that I've ever met. His stories were true, because A: I checked with other people, B: Nobody could just make up stories like that! C: He never meant to actually tell a story, he would just go on about a situation that had upset him. It wasn't as much as how he got into a said situation, it was how he got out of it that would make us listeners start to chuckle. Frank would then stop his story and ask us "what's so funny"? After our brief explanation, he would understand how silly it all sounded and have a good laugh at himself! I admire a person that can laugh at themselves and move on. Frank has now moved on, but his stories still remain. Cheers to Frank Dyck!

So very sad Melanie to hear about you losing your father. Far too young for you to miss out out on the times you won't have together. Keep the good memories of your times together near and dear to your heart. That will last forever.

So sorry for the loss of our dear friend Frank. Many hours were spent with Frank with his wonderful dinners at my home or his. Loved his guitar playing and singing and dancing too at the numerous legions in the lower mainland of BC. Frank was always there when help was needed in anyway. One of my birthday celebrations was a success when his brother David and Frank helped to set up the party at the legion. Frank joined in with my children and they always asked if Frank was going to attend our family Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Frank was a very generous man. He never came empty handed to our gatherings. He would shower us with his homemade dills, horseradish or sometimes baked goods and of course something special for the hostess! During dinner he entertained us with his great childhood memories and he would tell us how he fished and his mother canned foods to feed her sixteen children on the farm. When I took Frank for rides to get him out of his house now and again, he would always tell me about the sheet metal work his did over the course of his life. A few months ago Frank and I visited the new Whalley legion and he enjoyed the décor and had a good time with a few drinks too! Frank was a Christian man and I know Frank is now resting peacefully free of the pain he suffered in his last few years. We all loved Frank and will miss him so much.

My condolences to you, Melanie. Frank was so kind and loving, every time we talked. He always called me Smiley. I miss you, my brother

I'm so sorry for your loss, Melanie. May he rest in peace.

I remember the times Frank took Melanie and I to the water slides, times singing karaoke in his basement or playing pool. Thank you Frank for helping create one of my best friends. Melanie, and through her you, has been in my life since I was 11 years old. Please know I will always look out for Melanie and help her in every way through the journey of our lives. Rest in peace

So sorry for your loss, Melanie and Jason. I will for sure miss Frank's beautiful voice and guitar playing. I hope to see you soon.

I had thanksgiving dinner with Frank this year like many other times.It was as good as always.This time Frank seemed different though.He was very calm and very much at peace… He was ready to go.Like many others ,I also enjoyed his music , guitar playing and singing… In the 30 plus years of going to his house , he was always entertaining…I miss you Frank

I have so many great memories of Frank, he was an awesome singer very talented guitar player and excellent cook. I will truly miss his laugh great stories, jokes our picnics at cultus lake. My condolences to his daughter Melanie and to the rest of his family. You will be greatly missed Frank ❤️❤️❤️

Frank will be missed with his music he loved playing all the time. Whether he was out of town, at home or with friends, he always played and sang with his guitar. I will miss his laugh, all his good memories and all the jokes he used to tell. May you rest in peace until I see you again.

We had the blessing of hanging out with Uncle Frank for the evening around a year ago. He greeted us with a smile and wonderful hospitality. It was also the first time I heard Uncle Frank play his guitar and sing-he playing and sans Overlooked an Orchid. Hearing Uncle Frank laugh reminded me of something I really cherish about him -that all of the brothers share. Most of all we were blessed with his kind spirit as he reminisced about life on the farm, his family and music and of course, his love for Jesus. There’s no doubt in my mind that Uncle Frank is with Jesus now… Probably found a place in the perfect band. We look forward to seeing you again one day! You will be missed here until we meet again. And Melanie, I look forward to seeing you this spring is Saskatchewan at the farm.

We will miss the good times when you borrowed a room at our home on weekends while working out of town, to jam sessions at your house and the great holiday in Mexico. Your cooking, humor and hospitality are treasured forever. Rest in peace dear brother.

I'm going miss your music and how you poured your heart out in singing ,I also I really enjoyed you dinners, I'll miss knowing that you will not be at the house any longer, I loved you Frank.

Many fond memories listening to you play guitar with uncle Ernie and uncle Phil when our family visited in the summers when I was a child! Sending our condolences to Melanie and Brenda and all his brothers and sisters!

Sorry for the loss of your dad Melanie. The many memories, working together and the fun we had that started when we were teenagers will never be forgotten. The oftentimes Sharron and myself would come to stay with him , upon arrival he handed us keys to his home and said stay as long as you want and come again soon ...Frank will be missed dearly...

So Sorry For Your Loss Mel Bel ❤️ Your Dad Will Always Be Watching Over You, I'm Sending You Lots Of Hugs !

I didn't get enough time with you to write something that I feel is as important as it should be, so instead I will look to our future. I will do everything I can to care and love your daughter for the rest of my life. I will remember and honour your legacy for the rest of my days. And I know that when Melanie and me come to our final days, we will meet you again in the Kingdom of Heaven. Say hello to Heaven for us all. Thank you for you grace and kindness Frank.

My deep condolence to you, Melony. It is a huge emotional shock. I’ve had many meaningful visits to see Frank at his home. I have enjoyed listening to him sing most of the songs he knew, even joined on a few. I’ve enjoyed many of his passionately created meals and He always had a few jokes. Frank I look forward to see you in heaven.

Hi Melanie. Sorry for your loss. I texted or called Frank almost every week. He looked forward to the beauty of he. God Bless You

We are very sorry your lose Melanie, we had the chance to see you and your dad dancing at your wedding, such a sweet moment to cherish. Our deepest condolences to you and all of those who are left behind. Sending prayers and thoughts.

My condolences to the family and people who knew him

My condolences to his daughter and his siblings. I haven’t seen him in years but I remember he was always polite and loved to laugh.

I love you and miss you so much dad. Don't you worry about me from up there. I am strong just like you. I will take care of everything down here. I know you will be there guiding me everyday. I will make sure all of your wishes are full filled and I will cherish all the memories and keep you in my heart until we meet again. May you rest in peace dad.

Chutney and the rotary meat draw was a fun night, I still remember many years ago such a blessing to have had the chance to meet such a wonderful soul as you pass to the other side to watch over the angel you brought to us remembered will you be as your daughter always has something good to say about you rest easy my friend as she is in good hands

Sorry for your loss Melanie! Frank will be greatly missed. He was a wonderful and fun brother. I really enjoyed our visit this last September.

You will be truly missed. Missing not being able to call you and hear your welcoming voice. Missing the fun and laughter we had playing music at your house. I’m glad I got to spend the short time with you last summer at Melanie and Adam’s wedding. You’re gone but will never be forgotten:(

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