Melvin Donald Robinson

October 31st, 2022

Melvin Donald Robinson, known by his family and friends simply as “Mel,” passed away peacefully on October 31, 2022. He was predeceased by his mother, Levis, his father, Donald, and his sister, Maureen. Born in Barrhead, Alberta July 11, 1945, he grew up knowing the farm life of chickens, cows and pigs, and that life, and death, can be simply straightforward. For example, if a chicken wasn’t doing its job laying eggs, it might as well be thrown into the stew pot.

Mel was known by the people who knew him well as kind, easy-going, organized, hard-working, and as a talented woodworker, builder, and even part-time mechanic. However, he used all the old-school techniques and tools, and the calculator was his brain. Right to the end, even though he had finally come to own and use a cell phone, probably in part because his last job as building caretaker required it, he declined all the “smart” phone technology and bought a new flip phone! He enjoyed simple pleasures such as an old-style Timex watch (however, he did choose the Indiglo version), used, but well cared for older vehicles, and Global News. He did also allow himself a very good electric razor! One of the few luxuries he bought himself was an older, but very well cared for, travel trailer, and an old nostalgic Chevy pick-up truck to pull it with. He loved to take this on holidays to Kootenay Lakes and other places to visit long-time friends and family.

One of his greatest joys in his last few years was to go for a month at a time during the spring and summer to visit his son, Darrell, and his family, and build things – sheds, decks, and animal pens. He loved to get up early in the morning to drink his Folgers coffee made in his travel trailer (because it was cost effective and simple), play with Ben the German Shepherd, and listen to the roosters crow and the goose honk. He loved to chat with his son, Darrell and daughter-in-law, Lisa, and visit with his grandkids, Savannah, Colton, Brandon (and family), and Ryan. Occasionally when building a shed or putting up posts made from trees, when Darrell or Lisa would make multiple comments on whether or not something was exactly straight or level, he would comment, “You’re not tuning a piano, you know.” He was very proud of Darrell and his family and loved to share photos of them from an album with close friends.

Up until his health took a turn for the worst, he was taking walks every day, often with a friend, and having random visits with locals. Occasionally celebrating, he would sit at a local pub to have a beer and watch a game of hockey on the TV. He loved to enjoy fine dining at home, such as when he ate his favourite - hotdogs, Kraft Dinner, and beans. But he also enjoyed occasional left-over meals from his very good friend, Angel.

Mel will be missed by so many, his friends where he lived and whom he visited with often, friends from other places who looked forward to their visits when they could happen, and especially by his son, Darrell, his daughter-in-law, Lisa, and his grand-children, Colton, Savannah, Brandon, Ryan, and Jamie.


The housing society where Mel worked, and when he retired remained living with us…we will miss him dearly. Mel was a part of our lives for many years. He kept himself busy, was an excellent employee, a good friend and ear when needed. I am so sorry for your loss. Mel was so proud of you all…. I feel like I know you well.

I first met Mel back in the 80s when he delivered some building supplies to my father's farm outside of Cranbrook BC. Putting two and two together, was happy to meet him as Darrell Robinson was & still is a close friend of mine...Mel was a kind and generous man and I'm thankful ❤️ to have sat at his table and enjoyed his favorite meal with him and Darrell. Rest in peace Mel , it was a pleasure to have made your acquaintance.

A man who enjoyed the simple pleasures of life, building things with his own hands, his coffee, early mornings and most especially, his family. It was my pleasure to know him.

Darrell, Lisa and family: My deepest sympathies on the passing of Mel . I have known Mel for 44 yrs and had a special bond with with him , Bob & Levis Lardner. He was a dear compassionate Man who enjoyed the simple things in life; notably family and friends . I had many good times with Mel and will dearly miss my good friend. Rest In Peace Mel

You took on the job another man couldn’t do. You raised me to respect your elders and the peace of each individual. I am so grateful for you. I am also grateful you are now at peace. Love you Dad

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