Why We're Successful

Our Funeral Directors go to the family's home to make the final arrangements - where the family feels more comfortable and in control of the necessary decisions to be made. Making arrangements in the home is not only more convenient for the family; it ensures that they avoid the commercial pressure to buy beyond their needs. Since final arrangements are made in the family's home, Alternatives does not need a casket selection room. Caskets are selected by the family from large, full-color, professionally-taken photographs. There is no need for an expensive casket inventory, and therefore no high mark-ups on the caskets.

For Funeral, Memorial Services, Celebrations of Life or our new Alternatives Event™ service category, Alternatives uses community churches and other unique facilities such as local community chapels, halls, golf and country clubs and even aircraft hangers.

Not only is this more convenient and affordable for the family, but clergy appreciate the opportunity to conduct a service in their church rather than in a funeral home chapel. It's a win-win situation - the church receives revenue from their otherwise empty facility and the family benefits from the lower cost of the church versus the high fees of a funeral home chapel. If the family request a viewing, we encourage them to have it at the church as well. However, an Alternatives funeral home does include a viewing room should the need arise.