What We Look Like

Alternatives operates from a much more affordable facility than a 'traditional" funeral home. Most Alternatives facilities do not have a chapel. Therefore, we do not have the expense of establishing and maintaining a chapel and parking lot. An ideal Alternatives facility is between 2,000 and 2,400 square feet, typically located within a corporate center or light industrial area. As relatively few families visit an Alternatives facility (because we go to the family's home to make the arrangements), being located in this type of area is infinitely more affordable for the franchise partner, and the savings are passed on to the families we serve. The funeral home is comprised of a small foyer, a combination arrangement/viewing room, preparation room, a refrigeration facility and enclosed receiving area for one vehicle, and an administration area. Some Alternatives facilities also have their own crematorium within their facility.

We neither own nor operate an expensive fleet of limousines and hearses. If a family requires a limousine, a local limousine service is contracted for the occasion and the direct cost is passed along to the family. A franchise partner can choose to use a mini-van/hearse conversion for their funeral coach, rent a hearse from a livery service, or lease an affordable hearse on a permanent basis.