How You Can Reap The Benefits

Over 30 years ago, Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Services® responded to a market niche that the "traditional" funeral industry simply would not recognize; the cost-conscious and convenience-oriented consumer of the '90's, the baby boomers. As an Alternatives licensee owner, you can enjoy the best of two worlds: you'll be part of a cutting-edge service-oriented profession, and you'll be teamed with the most experienced and dynamic organization of its kind.

Some of you reading this information may likely be licensed funeral professionals. It could be that you are presently working for a family owned funeral home without possibility of advancement. Or perhaps you are working for one of the conglomerates and want the freedom to serve families in a different way. In any event, you are looking for a way to become entrepreneurial and to operate your own funeral business. Others may be investors without experience looking to own and manage their own funeral business. Still others may be seeking a passive investment only. Regardless of your experience, Alternatives can be the answer for you.

Not everyone is suited to a licensee partner relationship and not everyone is suited to owning and operating an Alternatives location. It takes a special kind of individual to be a successful Alternatives licensee. You must be ready, able and most of all willing to do things differently. The last thing needed in any community is yet another “traditional" funeral home. What consumers do need, however, is a convenient and affordable choice when it comes to selecting their funeral provider. And that takes someone who is progressive enough to take off their traditional undertaker's hat in the new millennium and deliver consumer service that is not only professional but convenient and affordable.

If you're considering investing your savings in a business that is virtually recession proof, you can greatly increase your chances of success by becoming a part of the Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Services® network.