Harold Joseph Bulcock

November 19th, 2020

Our Dad Harold entered the world under the shadow of World War 2.

Although his early years were mired in poverty he always remembered the best of those times. A small terraced house in Blackburn with no electricity and an outdoor toilet. His Mum Elizabeth worked six days a week while his Dad was serving overseas for his second World War. Dad and his siblings, Michael and Elizabeth, wore wooden clogs with iron “horse shoes” on the soles. Dad would slide along the flagstone pavement with sparks flying from his heels. At five years old he was found walking around on rooftops. He carried a gas mask to school while his brother Michael carried a radio he had built. They listened to passing aircraft  and played “Army” in the graveyard. Weekends were special when he got to go to Ewood Park to watch Blackburn Rovers.

Harolds father was an academic and insisted on excellence at school. Dad attended Saint Mary’s College where he was not only the ‘Top Boy” but also Captain of the school football team.  Harold continued on to Newcastle University but grew disillusioned with a study of Economics. He left Newcastle for two years National Service with the RAF. He was a radio technician and serviced airfields throughout the UK. He visited Gibraltar, Malta, Cypress, Egypt and Germany. He played for the RAF’s football team and when he found out the boxing team got double rations he boxed for the RAF as well.

Harold returned to Blackburn and got a job as a draftsman at a large factory called Mullards. This is were he met the love of his life,  Pauline Eccles. When he wasn’t courting Pauline he was an avid cyclist. Club rides up to 100 miles on a weekend with many trips throughout Europe. Dad continued his education through night school at Blackburn Technical College and got his “Higher National” in engineering. He was swiftly promoted to the head of the Drawing Office and enjoyed the rest of this career in England there.

Mum & Dad  were married in December of 1962. They bought a home in Brown Hill, Blackburn and started a family.  Harold was a doting Father and a loving husband. We have  many fond memories of him singing   in the car  and telling tales of his exploits. He was always my hero. I wanted to be just like him when I grew up.

The Bulcock Clan emigrated to Canada in February of 1977. Dad found work with his background in electrical and mechanical engineering. He designed and produced drawings for small manufacturing firms. He later worked as a Plant Manager for  Molson Breweries and Sun Beam Bakeries.

Harold continued his education after he retired and found his true calling as an Architect. He designed and built a retreat for St Joseph’s Church, “Spirit of Formation”  in Chilliwack. Whatever certification was necessary he qualified by writing the exams. He taught himself computerized drafting and became a certified electrician. His pursuit of knowledge throughout his life was commendable.

Harold lived a long and happy life. He is survived  by  three children, seven grandchildren  and two great grandchildren that all dearly love and respect him . He will always be remembered as a kind and intelligent man. Most of all we remember Dad as a loving husband. Mum and Dads marriage has stood the test of time. Their love and respect for each other has always been a source of joy to anyone that knows them. Rest in Peace Dad ,  your adoring family loves You.

Jonathan Bulcock

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Beautiful! What a great man.

This beautiful man Harold, husband of my best friend Pauline enriched my family's lives in so many ways over the past 33 years. I could write a book on all the wonderful memories I have of Harold and his beautiful family. I just loved all the wonderful stories and jokes he shared. He was a man of great talents which he shared with all who called on him. He used them well for the glory of God. His kindness, compassion, selflessness and love for his family and friends will surely be missed by all. His beautiful smile and tenderness will never leave us, it will help us to be better people. His example of being a good friend, father, grandfather and devoted husband to the love of his life Pauline (one of the greatest love stories I have ever witnessed in my life). I am so grateful to have had this very special man in my life. Thank You God. RIP my beautiful friend.

What a wonderful tribute to a great man! Harold you will be dearly missed. much love Cal

Such an amazingly rich life. Sending my condolences to your family in this difficult time.

It would take forever to write down everything I would want to say about you Dad. Instead I will share a memory that makes me smile. When we were kids, Jonathan was away at a Scouts camp, and mum and Paul went for a visit to London. When you came back from the train station, I looked at you, you looked at me and we both jumped up, ran over to the beautiful white shag rug in the living room (we were not allowed to walk on it, we had to go around) and just jumped all over it laughing our heads off. When we were done, you looked at me and said "just don't tell your mother" ... so funny because you and mum were always one. Always together and supporting each other. To see that little break was so endearing and made me love you just a bit more. We spent the rest of that time with Grandad Eccles up on the cliffs picking blackberries and making jam for all the neighbors. It wasn't very good jam but we didn't care. We were just having fun. Thank you for all the memories of a Dad who was involved, making bread on Sunday's, taking is to the swimming baths for lessons and Friday night swims, taking us to Mallum Cove to learn how to climb. Going to movies with us. Driving on the beach in Southport with the lights off .... I could go on Thank you for being a loving and engaged father, thank you for showing us what a loving and respectful husband show look like. Thank you for all your patience and generosity of time and energy. Thank you for your one liners. Thank you for being there for my kids as a guide and role model. Thank you for all the times you turned up with your tools and drill to my house. I never had to ask twice for help. Thank you for making me feel special, wanted and loved. I am so grateful to have had you as my Dad and I love you. Rest in Peace Dad xo

My condolences to Harold's family. Harold loved his family dearly, Pauline and Harold were one of the most caring couple I have ever met. Harold will live in our hearts and memories forever! Never forgotten, just deeper love engraved in our hearts ❤

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man! My family and I had the distinct privilege of getting being able to spend time with them at various family functions throughout the years that Jonathon and my family spent together. What a great man! Much Love The Traversy's

My dear Bulcocks, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your father and grandfather. While I only had the pleasure of meeting him one time, I remember him making me laugh and I thought how wonderful it would be for him and my father to have become acquainted. They shared a love of engineering and self taught CAD expertise. This tribute is so touching and speaks volumes to how much he was loved and cherished and the positive impact he has had on so many lives. I will hold you all in my heart. And if I can ever lend an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on as you travel through your grief journey, I'm only a moment away. Elisa

Memories of your father and getting to know your family have always been a cherished part of my youth. My heart goes out to you, Pauline, Joanne and Paul. Rest in Peace , Harold. I'll be sure to knock next time.

What a wonderful, intelligent, devoted and loving man. A true gentleman. My wonderful father-in-law for 27 years and incredible grandad to my 3 children, who loved him so much. Rest In Peace, dear “dad“, Harold. XX

Beautifully written Jonathan. Your Dad lived an accomplished and full life! What an extraordinary man! May he rest in peace. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

I have very good memories of Mr. Bulcock. He knew me from a young age as Paul’s friend. He saw me at my bike racing highs, and gave me nice praise, but said not to stop there. And when I was at my lows, he gave me no sympathy! He would say ( come on Tim, your better than this, be a winner) A proper kick in the arse. And I took it to hart. I will never forget bringing my baby Daughter Lyla over to see them. There was lots of fussing over a new buddy. And Harold took me to the side and said, I’m proud of you, she’s Beautiful. I felt the same if the comment came from my own Dad. But at the end of the day, I kinda felt like they were like second parents to me. I can truly say I love the two of them, and I will miss chatting with Harold. He was a true gent, and a very nice and interesting man. Oh and he made some pretty good Kids as well.

My sincerest condolences to the Bulcock family. Harold was loved by all, just an absolute gentleman. I will always remember his glowing smile, words of wisdom and positive attitude he always had. He was a wonderful person and always a pleasure to be around. He will be greatly missed. RIP Harold.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I know personally how hard it is to lose a dad. The love and respect we have for our fathers is immense. There is a void that can never be filled. Remember your dad and all the lessons in life that he taught you. The memories will be with you always. The bond will never be broken. He will always be with you. My sincerest heartfelt condolences go out to you all at this most terrible time. Jonathan, you and your family have been so richly blessed to have had such a great man to love you and teach you how to respect the gift of life. God bless. Thinking of you all with love. ❤️

My sincere condolences, my love goes out to the Bulcock family during this incredibly sad time. I’m so glad I had the pleasure of meeting Harold at the numerous Bulcock family celebrations. Much love Andy and Kelly

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