Green Funerals - The Way of the Future

Now more than ever before, the world is being held responsible for its actions and more and more people, as well as businesses are choosing to live a more sustainable life. The statistics are proof that we need to make changes and it’s imperative that we make the effort to reduce our carbon footprint. At Alternatives, we are very proud to be one of only ten funeral homes in Canada that are 3-Leaf rated by the Green Burial Council of North America. We offer services and products that not only create a meaningful funeral or cremation experience, but that also minimizes the overall environmental impact on Mother Earth.

We have the capacity to increase our efforts to reduce our footprint and take environmental accountability seriously. We care immensely about this beautiful world we live in and want our practices to reflect that, by offering sustainable death care services that result in the reduction of carbon emissions, toxification, and waste. We strive to conserve natural resources, protect our staff and preserve our habitat. From caskets and urns made of biodegradable materials, to environmentally friendly embalming methods, and alliances with Green Certified cemeteries, we feel we are doing our part and if you are an environmentally conscientious person, then the choice will be easy!

We have several simple yet beautiful casket options that reflect these practices. Our bamboo and willow options are clean and beautiful, some hand crafted in small rural areas and focus on simplicity while uninterrupting to the land. If you are choosing cremation, we offer a mini scattering urn that is designed containing no metal or plastic components and can even be recycled or composted after use.

For more information regarding costs associated with green burials or green options, please call us today.