How do I probate a Will in British Columbia?

Probating a will in British Columbia involves a legal process that involves filing an application with the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Here is an outline of the basic steps that are involved:

  1. Obtain a copy of the will: The first step in probating a will in British Columbia is to obtain a copy of the original will. You will need to have the original will in order to apply for probate.
  2. Prepare the application for probate: You will need to prepare an application for probate, which includes the original will, a death certificate, a list of the deceased's assets and liabilities, and a statement of the beneficiaries named in the will. You may want to consult with a lawyer to ensure that the application is prepared correctly.
  3. File the application with the Supreme Court: Once the application has been prepared, you will need to file it with the Supreme Court of British Columbia. You will need to pay a filing fee at the time of filing.
  4. Attend a hearing: After the application has been filed, you will need to attend a hearing before a judge. The judge will review the application and, if everything is in order, will grant probate.
  5. Administer the estate: Once probate has been granted, you will be able to administer the estate according to the instructions in the will. This may include distributing assets to beneficiaries, paying debts and taxes, and closing accounts.

It's important to note that the probate process in British Columbia can be complex, and it may be helpful to seek the assistance of a lawyer to ensure that everything is done correctly.