Keepsakes are specialty items that allow you to both memorialize and carry with you a small portion of ashes of your loved one. Here you will find a wide array of unique keepsake products in this section. These items allow you and your family to remember and literally keep a part of your loved one close to your heart.

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Keepsakes Brass Urns

3” to 3 ¼” High, 1 ¾” to 2 ¼” Diameter

Starting at $90.00

Keepsakes Brass Heart

2 ¾” to 3” High, 1 ½” to 2” Diameter

Starting at $137.00

Cultured Marble & Stone

Rose Keepsake

Holds small portion of cremated remains, rose detail.


Heart Keepsake

Holds small portion of cremated remains, textured stone, engraving optional



Silver Teardrop Pendant

Sterling Silver


Silver Angel Pendant

Sterling Silver


Silver Cross Pendant

Sterling Silver


Silver Heart Pendant

Sterling Silver


Silver Dolphin Pendant

Sterling Silver



Scattering Tube

5 ½” High, 3” Diameter