Jayne Delia Chow Olsen

October 22nd, 2022


It is with deep sadness and sorrow that we announce the passing of our beloved wife, mother, sister Jayne Delia Chow-Olsen.

Born in Hong Kong, Jayne immigrated to North Vancouver in 1966. She pursued her education at Capilano University, worked as a fitness instructor and later a legal assistant. She was 61 years old.

Jayne is survived by her loving husband, Tony Brian Olsen. They had celebrated 26 years of marriage together.

She is also survived by her two children, Chas Hyatt Olsen and Shallon Jade Olsen. As well as her nine brothers and sisters: Linda, Jackie (Ricky), Sandra (David), Sally (Sheldon), Lily (Jimmy), Cindy, John (Adrienne), Glen (Megumi) and Wayne. Her family in-law including mother Grethe, siblings Jan (Tracy), Michael (Laureen) and Linda.

Jayne was predeceased by her mother Nan Sin Kwan, father Wing Chan Chow, sister Marilyn and father in-law Elver Olsen.

After giving birth to two beautiful children, Jayne dedicated herself to being a loving mother and shared her love of the outdoors with her family. Jayne enjoyed bike rides along the sea wall and camping trips. She took great pride in raising her children. Being a foundation for her son’s career aspirations and supporting her daughter’s gymnastics career, ultimately cheering her on through two Olympics and a World Championships medal on vault.

Jayne is remembered for her independence and fun-loving personality. She always loved a challenge and couldn’t help but be a perfectionist in everything she did. Jayne had a love for fitness, having trained for a marathon and was a member of a dragon boat racing team as a young adult. She had a deep passion for traveling and seeing the world. She was always on her feet needing to see everything during her trips and just couldn’t stay in one place. Jayne now rests in peace and lives on in spirit with all her loved ones.

Jayne’s funeral service will be held on November 6th, 2022, at Vancouver Chinese Pentecostal Church. Located at 215 E 18th Ave, Vancouver at 3:00PM.  


Dear Tony, Chas, Shallon On behalf of the Siroishka family, I want you all to know we are sending our prayers and deepest sympathies to you and lovely Jayne's family. I will always remember Jayne and the deep conversations I had with her at both your home in Vancouver and at the Olsen cabin in Windermere. My memory of Jayne will be of a great mother and spirited conversationalist. I miss you guys and hope today and the days and weeks after will deliver peace and the best memories of dearest Jayne. Love from Mike and all the Siroishka family in Calgary.

Dear Aunt Jayne, I will always remember the summers when we visited Vancouver when I was a kid and in my early teens. Trips to the beach and sightseeing the city. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and kindness and time. Taking time out of your schedule to come and stay with our mother in Denver to care for me and my sister Nola when we were toddlers. I’m thankful for the time you and Tony stopped by in Denver from a trip to Tuscaloosa, AL for Shallon and visited me and my family and you met my Son Asher for the first time. Tony, Chas and Shallon our condolences and thoughts are with you all. Your mother is a blessing and beautiful soul that will live through you all! Thank you for teaching me Fire Safety and saving me from burning down the house when I was a young curious kid and Uncle Tony for playing and singing “Burning Down the House” by Talking Heads in the car and the house stereo to make sure I got the message. I will miss you Aunt Jayne, Rest In Peace. Love, Your Nephew Cory

Dear Tony, Chas, Shallon, family and many, many friends; I share in this sadness that Jayne has left us, but she can never leave our hearts. I will always cherish Jayne's gentleness, her sweet smile and her bubbling laughter, her kindness and caring nature. Her love will live on in our hearts forever. We know you are at peace now, Jayne, and that you are smiling down on us with love. I am so grateful to have had you for a friend.

Sweet Shallon, my heart is with you during this time of sorrow. Prayers of strength and sincere condolences

Dearest number 6, Coombs here, you were my big sister and playmate. I followed you into our fantasy world of Barbie and her adventures. Endless hours of make believe with forts to be built outside and inside. You taught me to hold my ground and stand on my convictions no matter what. You were my lead into puberty of dreaded pimples and boy crushes. I listened to all of your music forays and your passion for Paul McCartney and his album “Venus and Mars”. We must of worn out the needle crooning to all his amazing songs. I have this one great memory which came to me overnight : when we were in the kitchen at 457 Lonsdale. One of our favourite songs came on the radio ( in those days if you didn’t buy the 45 or the album) then you were on the radio waiting for your favourites to be played. Smokey Robinson came on with Cruisin Together, instantly we grabbed the nearest microphone which were handy dandy carrots and sang as loud as we could mimicking the dance moves. Dearest sis, I will miss you immeasurably :growing old without you is an impossible loss. All my love to our family. RIP from number 7, Sally.

Tony and family. Please accept our deepest sympathy for the loss of your beautiful wife Jayne. Our prayers go out to you and your family

Dear Auntie Jayne, You always looked after me when I was a child and when I was an adult and I don't know how I can ever repay you. You always made sure I had enough to eat and you always thought about me Aia and you were always so selfless when it came to our health, our family and our well-being. We saw each other every Christmas and every summer and we always had the most interesting conversations about our lives. I was always excited to celebrate Christmas at the Olsen household because of the welcoming and friendly environment you, Uncle Tony, Chas and Shallon have created (Plus everything you cooked that I was able to eat was always delicious). You always wanted to see me grow to my fullest potential and last time we spoke, you were so proud of the person that I am becoming. I wish I could have done more and I regret this immensely. You meant so much to me and I wish I could have told you that sooner. I will cherish the last conversations and all of the memories we had and I plan to honor you, Baba and the rest of our family through my work as a mental health counselor. You will always be with me everywhere I go and every person I help. We are all going to miss you so much and we love you so much. My thoughts are with you, Uncle Tony, Chas and Shallon. Love now, always and forever Callum

Sending my deepest sympathies to the entire Olsen family. I so enjoyed finally getting to know both Jayne and Tony better last year in the Seattle gymnastic regionals after the long Covid lockdown. I am saddened so much by the news and sending love and prayers to uplift your entire family. We are Bamaly! I know it is difficult in this time to make sense of your loss, and in time I hope you have more comfort and clarity. My favorite quote in times like this comes from Dr. Seuss, of all people. "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened!" God bless.

Sweet, beautiful Jayne. You were the best friend anyone could ever have asked for. And you were the most loving wife, mother and sister to your family. I am heartbroken and devastated at losing you. But I have 12 years of warm, wonderful memories to cherish and hold dear to my heart. Tony, Shallon and Chas - words cannot express how very sorry I am for your loss. I will never forget you Jayne. You will live in my heart forever.

Auntie Jayne, I will always remember your energetic, warm and gentle soul. I truly have cherished every memory I have with you - especially our last visit together, sharing laughs and stories around our table, surrounded by family. It is clear you have left such an impact on everyone that knew you and I am so grateful that I get to call you family. To Uncle Tony, Chas and Shallon, you all are continuously in my thoughts. May the warmth, love, and prayers of friends and family surround you during this time.

Dearest Jayne. Growing up as a young child, you looked after me. I don’t have a vivid memory of this, but I have seen photos of this and the closeness that we shared. I intervened to save you and it was difficult to comprehend the pain you were enduring for all of those years. Your passing has come as a shock to all of us. I wish I could have done more and I deeply regret this. I’ll miss you dearly and my love for you is endless. Rest in peace, sister. Love brother Glen.

I enjoyed the time we spend together Jayne in our book club, movie club(during the lockdown), hikes, and our trip to Gabriola Island. You had a caring heart and it was always showed through our conversations and your smile. You were a dedicated wife and mother. Your family meant the world to you. You were so proud of your two kids and your face always lit up when you spoke about them. My deepest condolences to Tony, Chas and Shallon. Jayne may you Rest In Peace my friend. You will be missed

Sweet, beautiful Jayne. You were the best friend anyone could ever ask for. And the most loving wife, mother and sister to your family. I am heartbroken and devastated at losing you. But I have 12 years of warm, wonderful memories to cherish and hold dear to my heart. Tony, Shallon and Chas - words can't express how very sorry I am for your loss. I will never forget you, Jayne. You will live in my heart forever.

Dearest Jayne, I wanted to let you know, how much I miss you. First thing in the morning I looked for your wordfewd and all the new words, you taught me. We had fun every day and kept up to date. Elver and I visited many times over the years and you welcomed us with open arms. Your intelligence always amazed me Jayne, and you were kind and thoughtful to everyone. You had an huge capacity for true love, and Tony, Chas and Shallon will benefit from that forever. as well as your extended family. You had a unique way of knowing, when someone needed a friend, and you would help, where you could. Your smile and laughter was contagious, and I will remember that and feel you are near. We will always be there for your family and bring support. It was such a happy day, when you and Tony married long ago. You became a big part of our family, you made a difference. Love forever. Grethe.

Jayne....We will miss you...your sweet, caring, generous, loving person that you were. Your family and friends came first, perhaps more at the expense of your own well being. You gave everything that you had to raise a solid and lovely family. You were kind to me, always so friendly and inquisitive about my life and my own woes. You had an empathy born out of your own struggle and I wish that we could have spent more time together. My thoughts are with Tony, Chas and Shallon during this very difficult time.

Dear Uncle Tony, Shallon, and Chas, I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Auntie Jayne was always such a bright person to be around and we always had the most lively of discussions whenever we saw each other. When Tony and Jayne came and stayed with Linda while they were in Calgary and my mom was quite sick one night, I saw Jayne come to her aid and take care of her like the caring soul she is. It meant a lot, and showed the compassion she always had for others. I will continue to celebrate her tenacity for life and try to emulate her supportive nature in my everyday life. She is at eternal rest now, waiting peacefully until she can be with you all again. Love you all so very much,

Tony, Chas and Shallon, So Sorry for the news of Jaynes passing, a loss now we all live with, it's a rare and beautiful thing in this world was to be her friend, as well as her circle of Family, her Friends, her Parents, every Brother, every Sister, always made me feel at home and welcome, hanging out whether at On Lok, dog walking, B-Movies, or out- of -the -ordinary events or just plain listening to Worries and Victories.. Lets honor her time with us. Stay Safe, Stay Creative, everyone.

Dearest Jayne, we loved you from the first day we met you, as you have always been such a bright light and kind soul. Your beautiful smile and warm heart have been a gift to our family, especially our dear brother/son Tony. I have always marveled at how you would both light up when you talked about each other and fully supported each other through everything. I take comfort in our visit this summer and our time at the cabin in Rushmere BC. Like a sister to me, you taught me a lot over the years, challenging me in Word feud and often challenging me in my thinking with your intelligence, and while we lived apart, it always made me happy to be in your company and sharing wonderful family times, and amazing meals, together. Dear Tony, Chas and Shallon, Jayne's light and beauty will always stay with you. She created a beautiful family and home and shaped all your lives with her gifts and love, and that will always remain and will guide you. We are always here for you all and be there soon to celebrate Jayne's life and special place in all our hearts. Much love, Linda and family

Dear Tony and family, My sincerest condolences for your loss. My thoughts and prayer's are with you during this difficult time.

On behalf of all of us at the Riddle-Olsen family our deepest sympathies go out to Tony, Shallon, and Chas for the loss of their Mom and Wife. There are no words that can describe this overwhelming loss or how to console them during this very sad time. Laureen and I remember from 30 years ago when Tony first met Jayne when we lived in our Kits Point house and was so happy when he had found not only the young lady to be his wife but a fabulous that incredible person who can also be a great mother. It saddens us deeply that the family is now having to live on with with this loss. On the flip side, it is also the celebration of life, as Jayne had many happy years and dedicated herself to raising two beautiful kids and a being a loving wife. We will all deeply miss her, but her spirit will live on, a bit in all of us.

I will miss you so much, Jayne. You had such a big heart and so much love to give. There are so many amazing memories with all our walks, shopping days, bike rides, camping, snowshoeing, restaurants, trip to the island, and being there for each other through gymnastics and so much more. I remember your beautiful smile, the joy and enthusiasm you brought to everything we did. Rest In Peace. Love, Marni

I will miss our interesting conversation during our walks together . I hope you have found peace at last! Monika

Sweet sister Jayne remember playing PNE in the store when we were kids and you would put me and Glen in a big carton box and push us down the aisles and whip us around the corner and we would scream in delight! And all those weekends teaching us what CLEAN means... haha you were brutal!! All fun and no play!!I will never forget your girly giggly laugh and how you could scream!! You were so generous and fun .Thank you for making the best breakfast ever for my kids (: I will miss you especially on Christmas... loving you yesterday , today and tomorrow forever Cindy xoxo

I am so proud of being your sister, Jayne; you are beautiful inside and outside. You were a great wife and mom to your children. You wouldn’t hesitate and invited all your sibling for delicious Christmas Eve dinner. I will treasure the last camping trip we spent time playing Uno. Rest In Peace my dear sister; we shall see you again in God’s kingdom. I will keep your family in my prayers. Sister, Jackie

Dearest Tony, Chas and Shallon Sorry I couldn’t come to her funeral but I want you to know that I will be there to celebrate her passing .Her joyfulness will be missed but always remembered. She is free now .May she Rest In Peace

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