Obituaries & Condolences

Obituaries are placed in alphabetical order by surname. 

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Bond, Edwin 'FASTEDDY'

October 25th, 2020

Campbell, Sharon Anne

August 8th, 2020

Gallagher, Bernice Belle

August 14th, 2020

Jones, Neil “Terry”

August 8th, 2020

Koch, Lilly Stella (Maat)

August 23rd, 2020

Macdonald, Edward George

September 6th, 2020

MacDonald (nee Lange) , Mary

September 25th, 2020

Mahoney, Frances Josephine

August 9th, 2020

McCallum, David Porter

September 17th, 2020

McLean, Fay Helen

August 25th, 2020

Mitchell, George DALE

September 16th, 2020

Ofukany, Victor

October 7th, 2020

Porter, Paul Sidney

August 2nd, 2020

Surette, Marie Helène

October 3rd, 2020