Cremation Urns

Urns for cremated remains come in a variety of materials. In this section you will find vessels for scattering on land and sea, eco-friendly urns for the environmentally conscious, and urns that are designed to be kept at home. If you require an urn for burial in a cemetery (in the ground or in a columbarium), or plan on travelling overseas, you will be able to find an urn for your needs in this section. We generally have all the urns in stock, or are able to have them to you within 1 to 2 business days. If you have cremated remains already, we will include the transfer of the ashes into any urn you select at no extra charge. If you have any questions, please contact us  for more information. When meeting with one of our funeral directors, we will also bring high-quality photos of each urn for you to see in person.

To view a larger photo of each product below, click the photo. 

Green (Cremation or Burial)

Scattering Urn

Cardboard 12 ½” High, 6 ½” Wide


Cremation Urns

Hamilton Natural Finish

MDF 5 ½” High, 9” Wide, 6 ½” Deep


Hamilton Cherry Finish

MDF 5 ½” High, 9” Wide, 6 ½” Deep



Poplar 6 ½” High, 10 ½” Wide, 7” Deep



Oak 7” High, 10 ¼” Wide, 7 ¼” Deep


Classic Brass

10 ½” High, 6 ¼” Diameter


Glenwood Grey Marble Brass/Aluminum

10” High, 7 ½” Diameter


Glenwood White Marble Brass/Aluminium

10” High, 7 ½” Diameter


Providence Oak

5 ½” High, 10 ¾” Wide, 7 ½” Deep


Venetian Going Home Brass

9” High, 7” Diameter