Obituaries & Condolences

Obituaries posted over 90 days ago can be found in the Archives.

Amos, Kaitlyn Suzanne

April 28th, 2020

Donaldson, Christa

March 8th, 2020

Gangl, Janet Theresa

March 17th, 2020

Gerein, Armande

March 27th, 2020

Gherasim, Eileen

May 4th, 2020

Gray, Dr. Gerald Eldon

March 9th, 2020

Harth, Merle Henry

March 16th, 2020

Hartley, Laurie-Anne

May 17th, 2020

Kramer, Lorrie

May 4th, 2020

Kwan, John

May 11th, 2020

Nichols, Vernon Gary

March 18th, 2020

Pollock, Marian Jean

March 20th, 2020

Ross, Tracy Stewart

April 11th, 1957 ~ March 26th, 2020

Schabel, Metody "Ted"

March 5th, 2020

Shaw, William Ernest

March 23rd, 2020

Tollefson, Garry Ellis

April 27th, 2020

Vogt, Debbie

March 12th, 2020

Wingert, Leo J.

March 18th, 2020