Obituaries & Condolences

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Ackerman, Kirk Donald

February 7th, 2020

Balez, Paul Armand

February 24th, 2020

Brodner, Bernard Alexander

February 13th, 2020

Buhr, Maureen Leslie

January 20th, 2020

Chanig, Allen "Bob"

February 2nd, 2020

Clifford, Ernest "Ernie"

February 26th, 2020

Conley, Bruce Anthony

March 3rd, 2020

Cook, Wendell John

January 5th, 2020

Dales, William Perry

February 12th, 2020

Donaldson, Christa

March 8th, 2020

Gabriel, Jonathan Christopher

July 20th, 1972 ~ January 28th, 2020

Gangl, Janet Theresa

March 17th, 2020

Gatin, Victor

January 20th, 2020

Gray, Dr. Gerald Eldon

March 9th, 2020

Halliday, William George

March 4th, 2020

Harth, Merle Henry

March 16th, 2020

Hompoth, Louis Anthony

January 30th, 2020

Izsak, Marion Joyce

January 20th, 2020

Jarvis, Joanne

January 11th, 2020

Kearns, Kevin Daniel

January 31st, 2020

Lah, Shee

February 15th, 2020

Mandziak, Marie Ann

February 15th, 2020

Manning, Yvonne

February 12th, 2020

Metz, Patricia Elaine

February 6th, 2020

Misko, Larry Wayne

January 25th, 2020

Morrow, Joyce Marlene

January 8th, 2020

Mortley, Paul Calvin

February 25th, 2020

Nichols, Vernon Gary

March 18th, 2020

Pawluk (Kezama), Olga

January 10th, 2020

Pollock, Marian Jean

March 20th, 2020

Robinson, Evelyn May

January 3rd, 2020

Rothwell, Ronald Frank

January 17th, 2020

Schabel, Metody "Ted"

March 5th, 2020

Sentes, Francis

January 24th, 2020

Shannon, Debra Louise

October 8th, 1956 ~ February 14th, 2020

Shaw, William Ernest

March 23rd, 2020

Strinja, Brian Kenneth David

January 24th, 2020

Swift, Irene Freta

February 23rd, 2020

Virgo, Diana Lynn

June 27th, 1953 ~ January 5th, 2020

Vogt, Debbie

March 12th, 2020

Wagg, David Alfred

March 1st, 2020

Wingert, Leo J.

March 18th, 2020

Zerr, Garry James

October 28th, 1961 ~ January 13th, 2020