William "Bill" Ronald Abbott

September 21st, 2021

A tribute to the man, the myth the legend...

Bill you were the life of the party, you loved so deeply and enjoyed life most when living on the edge.

Your philosophical mind was deep and intricate. Most people saw you as the jokester with a kindness that drew in friends like a magnet, which you definitely were, but to all of us closest to you we got something more. Your unconditional fiercely gripping love. We all feel the void of that constant. 

We all feel that void…..

He was a master of two sides of a coin, being the happiest and the saddest guy we ever knew. An internal pull that was destructive and nourishing at the same time.

As a kid he was daring and dangerous with natural ability to play ball, basketball, volleyball, swim, free dive, waterski, motorbike, ride horses, ski like a demon and wheel chicks 

He loved Lisa to the end and Katie and Billy were the pride of his life and when his grandkids Isla and Owen were born he described it as his heart was simply bursting and was overcome with emotion. If only they could have kept him longer as their biggest fan. He adored his family!

Sharon was his soulmate from forever ago and added so much to Bill’s life with more kids and grandkids to love, fun times and a sense of home. Their strong bond was baffling and enviable. He was so lucky to have her.

Of all the things in life Bill worked hard. Mainly logging but also in carpentry. He built his house pretty much by himself when he and Lisa started out. Of all things, he was certain he wanted to keep that house as it meant so much to him to have built it for his family.

As life moved on and kids grew up and relationships failed the wins in his life were fewer and farther between. We have each and every one of us tried to help him out of many holes but none of us could dig fast enough, especially Bill himself. This fact does not take away from the amazing guy he was. Everybody’s friend, the doting brother, the crazy uncle, the mama’s boy, a dad that expressed his love, the challenging but fun partner, the one and only Bubba! always the life of the party!

Party on Bill!!

Love you man

Katie Finster

Billy Abbott

Sharon Taylor

Marni Abbott-Peter

Mitsi Schulte

Kira Limber

John Pavelich

Abby Pavelich

Jason Finster

Isla & Owen Finster 

Richard Peter

Greg Schulte

Ty Schulte

Hunter Schulte

Gavin Limber

Keith Limber

Marcus Limber

Melissa Cameron

Nilah, Nolan and Arianna

Nick Garcia

Caitlyn Garcia 


The whole damn family!

In lieu of flower please consider a donation to BC Parks Foundation in his name ‘Bill Abbott’

He loved the outdoors and always felt most comfortable when he was close to nature. His spirit is and always will be with the trees.


He always would say ‘I have never met a tree I didn’t like’ 


Our most sincere condolences. He reminds so much of his dad:) Truly a free spirit with a heart of gold.

Hi Paveliches, so sorry to hear of the death of Bill. He was a leader - someone who I looked up to on the ski hill. I hope with time and holding on to the best of memories, the pain of your grief will lessen.

our deepest condolence to family

Billy was my first friend when I moved to Salmo, and he never let me forget that as time went on. I will miss his smile, wicked sense of humor. I remember when he bey me $20 that I couldn't full the CAT up with the handpump without stopping, he was surprised when I was able to actually do it. He paid me but then the next day he realized I could barely move my arm, so he made sure to tag me every time he walked by. I may have got his money but he got the last laugh.

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