The 5 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS to Ask Before Choosing a Funeral Home

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One of the most impactful things you can do to help someone
during a time of loss can be to offer support in helping them
navigate the practical decisions that need to be made.
Selecting a funeral or cremation service provider is one of those
important decisions, and can be done in a helpful way if approached properly.
Below we list the 5 most important questions to ask before choosing a funeral home.

#1. Ask for a quote.

A funeral home that has the family’s best interest in mind will understand the importance of wanting the information to consider before making a decision.
It is a serious “red flag” when a service provider implies that a decision
must be made at that exact moment, and is reluctant to provide a quote
over the phone, through email or in writing.
Remember that you are looking for a team that demonstrates (through action) that they care first and foremost for your family -- not how quickly they process requests.

#2. Ask what a package “does not include”.

When we began 25+ years ago, it was to address a gaping need in the industry for services that were created with families in mind -- not hidden tactics for upselling.
Asking to know what “is not included” in a package is a straightforward way for you to get a clear answer on what is and is not needed to be added on as a hidden fee.

#3. Ask how they are different from the other service providers you are considering.

While this question implies the consideration of several options, this can be a healthy look into how the organization views it services within the area. Are they familiar with what is happening in their community? Or only concerned about their own operation.

#4. Ask what (free) resources they have available.

It’s essential to remember that the funeral home’s main priority should always be on servicing the unique needs of the family during the time of loss.

Asking what free resources are available creates an opportunity for the funeral home to demonstrate ways that they’ve found to go above and beyond for other families.

This may look like a helpful resource for those looking to organize a memorial,
access to a resource that offers encouragement through a time of grieving, etc.  
And finally...

#5. Ask if they are paid commission.

Being a funeral home that does not have commissioned sales staff has been an eye-opener to see the relief it brings families who come to us looking for help.
Unfortunately, as CBC marketplace noted in their undercover expose of high-pressure and misleading commission sales tactics that “prey on emotion”, it has become more important than ever that consumers become informed. Those pushing for things you don’t want or need, like a forced viewing or forced embalming are unfortunately more common than people realize. Knowing about these tactics can be a huge help to a family not wanting to be pressured into unnecessary cost during a time of need.

We hope this has been a help for you and/or someone you care about.

Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help by way of answering questions, offering a quote, or sharing resources for consideration.

Sincerely, the team at Alternatives

Can we help answer your questions by phone?

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Over 25 years experience
Do not have sales staff on commission.