Dealing with finances can put a lot of added stress on those planning final arrangements. In order to help make sense of the options available to you, we are pleased to provide helpful links and contact information for a variety of financial and estate related assistance.


Government of Alberta - Alberta Human Services or AISH (financial assistance for funeral costs)


To ensure deceased persons are given a proper burial or cremation where the estate or responsible survivors are unable to pay for funeral services.


The program provides basic funeral services for indigent persons who die or are transported to Alberta for a burial. Basic funeral services are provided for under an Agreement with funeral homes in Alberta.

A funeral home that agrees to provide this service must:

  • be licensed by the Alberta Funeral Service Regulatory Board;
  • have a signed Agreement with AE&I and appear on the funeral home list of approved AE&I vendors;
  • abide by the Agreement’s terms and conditions
  • have funeral expenses pre-authorized by an AE&I representative.


For detailed information, visit their website:


Government of Alberta – Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH)

For information for financial assistance for people with disabilities please check out the website. 

The funeral director will need to fill out the forms and it will be determined by the Government of Alberta what amount is eligible to be covered.




Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee of Alberta

Alberta's Office of the Public Trustee protects the financial interests of vulnerable Albertans by administering the estates of represented adults, deceased persons and minors when there is no one else to act.



WCB Alberta (Workers’ Compensation Board - Alberta)

When a work-related fatality occurs, the worker’s dependant spouse or adult interdependent partner may be entitled to benefits. Dependent children living with the spouse or partner are included within these benefits.