Five Things You Should Know About Making Funeral Arrangements

Posted on 04 October

Did you know that a person will make funeral arrangements on average once every eleven years? While many times a death may be expected, there are also the cases where you find yourself thrown into unexpected grief and have to make many decisions that you haven’t thought about yet. Below are a few suggestions that may help you before you go through the process of choosing the right funeral provider.

  1. Know What You Want

Have you really sat down with your family members and discussed what is going to happen? Take some time before you start with the funeral arrangements to discuss things and think about what direction you wish to take. For example, will you be cremating or burying your loved one? Will there be a service in a church or an event space? Will you be putting aside some time to allow people say a last goodbye with a visitation? Knowing the answers to the questions above will help with the process. It will also help prepare you to ask the right questions as you go through the arrangement.  

  1. Shop Around & Call First

Many people just automatically contact the funeral home closest to them, however it doesn’t need to be this way. Nothing is stopping you from calling a few places for information. Funeral Homes are all different, some specialize in more traditional services with large facilities that can accommodate 100+ people, while others are smaller and focus more on services at churches and halls. There can also be a very large price difference between the larger and smaller facilities, especially if you are interested in more simplistic service such as a basic cremation. It really depends on your needs and what you want.

  1. Who is the Executor?

It is very important to know who the executor or next of kin is before making any decisions. If you are calling on behalf of this person to inquire that is fine, however once the death occurs the funeral director must hear from your legal representative   to allow your loved one to be received into their care and to make the final funeral arrangements.

  1. Take The Time You Need

Many people feel rushed to sit with the Funeral Director and finalize all the details right away. After you have made the initial call to the funeral home to assist with the immediate need, if you need a day to connect with family just let them know and they will accommodate you. Sometimes this time is also necessary to locate all the legal documents you will require to proceed with the arrangements, make calls etc.

  1. Ownership

Did you know that most funeral homes are owned by large corporations? If doing business with your local independent funeral home is something that is important to you, just ask the funeral director you speak to over the phone and he can help direct you.

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