Rosie “Oudie” Williams (nee Bonneau)

January 23rd, 2021

Born: January 17, 1922 - January 23, 2021

Rosie Williams passed away peacefully at the Pine Acres home in Westbank, due to natural causes.

Rosie was the eldest member of Okangan #1 Indian reserve at 99 years old, and one of the oldest in the Okanagan Nation.

Rosie was born on the Okanagan reserve and grew up in the Nashwhito area of Westside road with ten siblings. She married Harold Williams and had eight boys and one girl.  Rosie was the community health worker for the band. She also worked in the gardens on Westside rd, and picked apples in Washington and Vernon area. Rosie also helped on the farm, raising orphaned calves and even a deer.  When Rosie was not helping on the farm she was the Blue Jays biggest fan and watched every game on tv. Rosie helped keep the slow pitch fever alive on the reserve by holding the Walter Williams Memorial tournament for almost ten years.  Her door was always open and residence was always a place of gatherings. Rosie taught the traditional Okanagan hymens, prayers, as well as stickgames to the next generation. When baseball and farm life was not happening, Rosie was a die hearted bingo fan and also travelled with her girl friends to powwows down in Washington state. In all the up and downs Rosie was the rock of her family, bossing us around and we listened.  Rosie is survived by her Brother Johnny Bonneau and her remaining sons Russell Williams, David Williams, George Williams,Glen Williams(Sarah), and Randy Williams. Numerous grandkids, great and great great grandchildren.  Rosie was a motherly person to her to extended family and even her “adopted” boys.

Due to COVID 19 and family request, no wake and no visitors to the house.


It was such a pleasure to have met Rosie. I am the Accountant at Pine Acres Home so I am usually in the back office. However, I do go out and visit and when Rosie was out on the floor I always stopped to visit with her. She was so kind and precious. Every time I did visit with her, she would hold my hand. Her hands were the softest hands I ever touched. RIP Miss Rosie!

It was an honor getting to know such an incredibly selfless, caring, and positive woman over the first few years into my career in nursing. Thank you so much for teaching me indescribable priceless lessons as an aspiring mother, new nurse and friend. You were a pleasure to work with and I hold all values so closely to my morals after such an amazing influence. I wish you, your family and friends peace and love through these times. My condolences sincerely, Shelby.

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