Caskets are for burial and cremation. Our casket selection and pricing is varied enough to meet the needs of any family. From simple cloth and biodegradable eco-friendly materials, to solid hardwood and metal, there is a casket for every need. For families wanting something a little more substantial for cremation, please note you can cremate any of our caskets (except metal). If you require a viewing, a burial, or a service with the deceased present, please review this section carefully and contact us  with any questions you may have. When you meet with one of our Funeral Directors, we will also bring full colour large high-quality professionally taken photos of each casket for you to see in person.

Infant and children’s caskets are also available. Please contact us for more information.

Cremation containers are for cremation only. The purpose of a cremation container is to accommodate the deceased in a dignified manner allowing for placement in the cremation chamber. The container is cremated with the deceased and is consumed in the process. Some families choose to view prior to cremation and the cremation container is used for that purpose as well. The simplest container available is made from cardboard and others are made from various woods. All containers except for the cardboard container have a lined interior and come with a pillow.

Solid and Veneer


Solid Select Wood, American Maple Finish, Tan Crepe Interior


Cameo Poplar

Poplar, Garnet Gloss Finish, Pink Crepe Interior

Contact Us for pricing based on your needs.

Western Shaded Ash

Canadian Ash, Gloss Two Tone Finish, Blue Silk Interior


Homeward Poplar

Poplar, Mahogany Gloss Finish, Tan Crepe Interior, Interchangeable Corners


Timberland First Nations

Solid Canadian Pine, Natural Lustre, Tan Crepe Interior, Pendleton Blue or Brown Blanket


Maxima Oak

Solid Oak, Medium Satin Finish, Tan Crepe Interior, Interchangeable Corners



Lincoln Copper

32 Ounce, Semi Precious Metal, Heritage Bronze Brushed Finish, Almond Velvet Interior


Going Home

20 Gauge Steel, Metallic Blue Eco Finish, Blue Crepe Interior, Going Home Panel


White Pearl Rose

18 Gauge Steel, White Eco Finish, Soft Pink Crepe Finish, Pearl Rose Panel


Delane Metallic Blue

20 Gauge Steel, Non Gasket, Metallic Blue Eco Finish, White Crepe Interior

Contact Us for pricing based on your needs.