Eleanora Vincent Celeste Trevison

January 15th, 2021

Eleanor Vincent Celeste Trevison

July 12, 1925 - January 15, 2021

 Born in Trail, BC, Eleanor was deeply intelligent, hard-working and as whip-funny as anyone in her family.  She excelled academically and graduated with top marks from Trail Business College in 1944. She took a job at West Kootenay Power and Light, where she worked until her retirement in 1987.  At West Kootenay, she trained many other workers and was ultimately recruited for what had previously been a "man's job" of accounting - although she was still paid a woman's clerical wage.  On her retirement, the utility general manager sent her a personal letter of gratitude for her high professional standard.

Eleanor will be fondly missed by her family. Her brother, David Trevison, whose earliest memories include a home filled with music and Eleanor singing Brahm's Lullaby to him said “She wasn’t like a sister. She was like the matriarch over the family.”

Lance Trevison, Eleanor’s nephew, said “It didn’t matter how difficult things were physically or emotionally. She always fought for her family and advocated for herself, from the beginning of her life right up until the end.  She was without a doubt the strongest woman I ever met.”

Her strength expressed itself both in endurance and in an unconquerable sense of humor. In the best times, niece Nancy Trevison remembers her wisecracking with family and friends, admiring the absurd and puncturing the inflated. In the worst times, humor did not desert her. “Say ahhh,” a nurse urged her at midnight during a serious hospitalization in 2018, shining a flashlight at her throat to determine whether she’d regained the ability to swallow. “What key?” Eleanor replied, her whisper barely audible.

When it came to the troubles of others, Eleanor was a compassionate listener, encouraging endurance and optimism. “It happens to the living,” was a favorite expression.

Instead of voyaging to other countries she traveled through mysteries and biographies. Instead of visiting art museums she put the prints she admired on her apartment walls. And she continued to envelop the people in her life with affectionate, intelligent attention.  In her earlier years she made annual trips to Vancouver on her vacation time.  She would send family back home packages of goodies from the Bon Bon Store.  After her sister-in-law Janet died, Eleanor and her mother spent nearly all of Eleanor’s work vacations at her brother Robert’s house in Spokane, making sure her nieces and nephew were polished with love.  As the family grew larger and spread farther, every occasion was honored by her cards, phone calls and packages.

“Eleanor always tried to keep the family together and include me, even though I didn’t know anybody,” said niece Wendy Trevisan Tomanek, who grew up away from the family but remembers a steady stream of attention from her aunt. “She always tried to keep that connection going. She was like the kin keeper, who kept all family members informed about everything.”

Eleanor valued her lifelong independence. Over the past several years, as her health declined, she was able to stay in her apartment relying on help from niece Nancy Trevison, nephew Lance Trevison, grand-nephew Kyle Trevison and from professional healthcare visitors referred to by Eleanor as her “ladies of the evening.” However, an illness led to her final hospitalization before Christmas 2020.

She is preceded in death by parents Pietro and Gemma Trevison of Trail B.C; brother Louis Trevisan (Lillian) of Camarillo, Calif. and brother Robert Trevison (Janet) of Spokane. Survivors include brother David Trevison (Claudette) of Penticton B.C.; nieces and nephews Wendy Trevisan Tomanek (John) of Kelowna, B.C.; Brenda-Lee Trevison Paul (Tom Stevens) of Qualicum Beach, BC.; Lance Trevison (Cheryl) of Bonnington, B.C.; Peter Trevison of Spokane, Wash.; Nancy Trevison (Griff Rain) of Harrop, B.C.; Catherine Trevison of Portland, Ore.; and Peter Trevisan (Heather) of San Francisco, Calif.

Eleanor’s legacy also leaves behind six grand nieces and nephews and twelve great grand nieces and nephews.

We extend a special thank you to the staff of the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital.  Your kind and compassionate care is greatly appreciated by the family.

At Eleanor’s request there will be no Funeral Service. Cremation and internment at Rossland Mountview Cemetery with family.

In lieu of flowers please make a donation to your charity of preference in honour of Eleanor.

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Condolences to all family. Sorry for your loss of your dear aunt Wendy. I was just recalling memories of our time in 1970s in Victoria, BC. Jonn and you lived downstairs and we all shared the kitchen upstairs. It would be great to see you both again.Take good care.

Oh Trev, the world will be so much poorer without you to sort it out. And my life will be greatly changed. Like Lida Reeves, I met Trev through working with her at the West Kootenay P&L. We had so many laughs and so much fun and even did a bit of work. She took me to her mom and dads home one day and Mrs. Trevison was making a pork roast. I still remember all the spices she had mixed together and was busy piercing the roast all over to put the spices in. Dave and Claudette, we grieve right along with you. The Spokane contingent may remember that Mike worked with Bob often when he made trips to Cominco America. Our prayers are with you all.

I worked with 'Trev' at WKP in downtown Trail in the early to mid-seventies. It was one of my first jobs out of high school, and despite our age difference she & I became friends trading jokes, stories about our growing up Italian, and just life in general. Her timing in interjecting humour or just a smart alec comment when it came to sharing stories or commenting on the foibles of society in general was always perfect, and I remember many times it brought me to tears of laughter. After moving away to the coast, I often visited her when her & your mom Gemma moved into the Laburnum apartments, and I was back on visits to my own mom. She always had time for coffee & a chat, and we often solved the world's problems with well thought out and intelligent discussion! We lost touch over the years, but I have always fondly remembered her, both when driving by their old house in town, as well as past the apartments in Glenmerry. I still have her hand-written recipe that she gave me for her wonderful "overnight buns"; and it's now in a more prominent place in my recipe book; another way I can remember a very special friend. I was very moved by your written tribute to her; it truly reminded me of the "Trev" I knew and remember. Godspeed Trev.

Here's to you 'Trev' the richest woman I have ever met. I will miss you and our record breaking phone calls that strove to solve everything from politics to how many beads a preschooler could wear at one time. Rest in peace my friend.

Dear Dave & Claudette, Thanks for informing us of Eleanor's passing. Our condolences to you and your family. I remember her well. She was a special sister for sure and will be missed by her family and friends. Love from Raymond & Linda T.

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