Kristi Lynne Sheldan

April 12th, 2021

Kristi Lynne Sheldan, 67,ofCalgary, Alberta, passed away peacefully onMonday, April 12, 2021 at the Rosedale Hospice. Kristi was born in Ponoka, Alberta, to Shirley Goetjen and Louis Fyffe on September 21, 1953. 

Kristi was a beautiful, kind and amazing person who was known for making everyone around her feel loved.  She worked for WestJet as a Group Specialist for 15 years where she was known for her contagious smile and making others laugh.   

Kristi always put her family first and she will be lovingly remembered by her children, Amy (John), Cody (Rhian), and Kori Hughes. Kristi will also be fondly remembered by her six grandchildren, Noelle, Jeremy, Alexandra, Olivia, Wyatt, and Matthew; by her brothers, Kirk Fyffe, Kraig (Leanne) Fyffe; and by her former spouse, Lonny Sheldan. Furthermore, by her numerous nieces, nephews and extended family and dear friends. She is predeceased by her, fiancé, Randall “RJ” Reidy; and her parents, Shirley Goetjen and Louis Fyffe. 

Memorial donations, in lieu of flowers, may be made to Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, The family wishes to extend their gratitude to the Rosedale Hospice for their amazing care during such a difficult time.   


So sorry to hear of Kristi's passing, quite shocked actually. Met her at First Assembly as well , was good friends with her brother Kraig. Kristi, Lonny and Kraig were a big part of my early Christion walk and were the nicest people ever. Had a lot of good times and laughs with them. My deepest condolences to all the family.

I’m so incredibly sorry to hear of Kristi’s passing. I remember when I first met Kristi and she just had the biggest smile on her face, so happy to be a part of the WestJet team. That smile always stayed in place and I remember her for being so kind and caring to those around her. My sincerest condolences on your loss.

A good heart has stopped beating, but a heart that has touched so many lives can’t help but live on in those it loved. Someone so special like Kristi can never be forgotten. Rest in Peace Kristi ❤

A good heart has stopped beating, but a heart that has touched so many lives can’t help but live on in those it loved. Someone so special like Kristi can never be forgotten. Rest in Peace Kristi ❤

I only wish I could of got to know her better. We shared same father but by time I was introduced we had separate lives. The times we did see each other she was a beautiful person inside and out. God Bless Kristi

My heart broke learning of Kristi’s passing. It was impossible not to love Kristi. Her keen wit, amazing sense of humour and infectious positivity inspired us all. Nothing made Kristi more proud than sharing stories about her children and grandchildren. Her face would light up with overwhelming love and joy when talking about her family. We will miss you terribly Kristi. You made everything more fun! You had a way of brightening even the toughest moments with kindness, understanding and an endless ability to listen and show you cared. I feel very proud and honoured to have called you a friend. I will reflect back on the fun times we had at work and fam trips as well when I’m missing you the most.

I was “Nana” to Kristi’s “Nina”. She had the cooler call out. It matched her personality perfectly. A beautiful woman from the first meeting, you were soon to realize the beauty went much deeper. So vibrant and outgoing you couldn’t help but be drawn to her. She will be missed by all but there’s comfort knowing her faith sustained her. God bless you friend, all my love. -Lisa

I’m sadden to hear this news, I met Kristi during my short time in WestJet Vacations. I remember her laugh, her contagious smile and sophisticated beauty. She always had time to say hello and ask how things were going. While life took us on separate paths I will always remember her telling me to keep smiling. As you close your eyes in rest, may all your pain and troubles be lost forever. May you find paradise and a world of eternal life...May your soul Rest In Peace.

My sincere condolences to Kristi’s family. Wow your mom was Truly a remarkable woman. I met Kristi in 2008 when I started working for WestJet Vacation, then following her over to WestJet Groups were she actually trained me! She was always kind, caring, very outspoken and showed and carried herself with soo much grace and beauty. She used to laugh because I called her my work mom as she was always worried about me being a single mom but also would let me know how tough she thinks I am. I honestly have never met someone who loved people so much and just radiated kindness wherever she went. I will miss your jokes, her crazy and wild life stories and how much she loved her kids and her little dumplings. May she Rest In Peace and forever watch over your family.

Always Loved When Kristi walked into a room you could feel love and positivity radiate from her beautiful soul. She had the best laugh and when she threw her head back and did you couldn't help but join in. Kristi and I worked together throughout most of my time at WestJet (almost 15 years.) She was always teaching me how to put on eye cream, how to see the positive in certain situations, sharing beauty tips and Chaga mushroom powder, apple cider vinegar, and dark chocolate at our desks. Outside of work I was blessed to spend a lot of time with Kristi, we saw whales in Comox in bright orange survival suits, drank wine after work, and saw concerts together, 54-40 and most memorably Cher. We sat together close to the stage and squealed with delight as Cher waved to us from backstage. We enjoyed many sushi dates with our WestJet friends. Kristi broke a few young men's hearts over Martini's at my bachelorette party (again I can see her throwing her head back and laughing as she told this young man that she was old enough to be his mother!) We celebrated together at my wedding in Kelowna, Kristi and Jodi supervising the decorating of the dining room for my reception and delivering the flowers to my room before the ceremony. We shared the loss of our daddios on the same day. I know Kristi overcame a lot in her full and joyful life, I always said she should write a book. Sending you lots of love in heaven Kristi and my deepest condolences to your family. “You and I will meet again when we’re least expecting it, one day in some far off place, I will recognize your face. I won’t say goodbye my friend, for you and I will meet again.” – Tom Petty

I've known Kristi for over 40 years. We met at First Assembly church and lived a block away from her and Lonny. Our girls, Amy and Sarah, grew up together then our boys, Cody and Justin, were born a day apart. We spent a lot of time together those early years and then our lives grew apart but I knew Kristi would reconnect with me again, and she always did. She was a vibrant friend. Always beautiful and helping other with support and the latest updates to personal care. I was fortunate to talk to Kristi at length in December and January and she was very positive and ready to begin her journey with Jesus. Till we meet again my friend. I'll meet you in the garden!

On December 28 I got a text from Kristi that said – I need to talk to you about something. I couldn’t imagine what she wanted – it had been a while since we chatted. I said sure – and then the phone rang a bit later. She said – I know it is weird that I sent such an urgent sounding message, but I wanted to share with you some news with you. We have known each other a long time, and I wanted to share my story. That is when she told me, she had been diagnosed with cancer. She said she wasn’t scared, because she knew where she was going, and all she wanted to do was spend her time being positive and taking care of the people she loved. It was quite simple, to the point, and she didn’t honestly seemed phased. It felt sad, but not scary. I first met Kristi when we worked at Adia in the staffing industry. We worked together at 3 different staffing agencies and certainly over the years had lots of laughs. She was a great story teller – the best were about her children, grandchildren, and parents and her brothers. She was proud of all of you and all she wanted in life was to see you all happy, and healthy. God granted her that wish. I am sure she is looking down smiling at her legacy. RIP Kristi. I know that God has one more #angelonassignment. Until we meet again.

Friends since school, and in touch yrs ago! A beautiful person, I wished I could have had her in my life more! Her folks had the Dairy Queen in Acadia! We were 16! Hugs in Heaven

I can’t express how sorry I am to hear of Kristi’s passing. She was a beautiful person all around and will be sadly missed.

I am so sad to hear of your mom’s passing. Kristi and I met when we worked for Spherion Solutions in Calgary. We became friends immediately and enjoyed meeting up for lunch dates and sometimes shopping too. She had a great sense of style and I thought she looked like a movie star with those big beautiful eyes and smile. She had such a warm loving personality.She always talked about how proud she was of her children and grandchildren. She had so many cute stories to share about them. Kristi became interested in the airline industry and wanted to travel more. She was looking for a change in her career. At the time my husband worked for WJ and she asked if he would pass along her resume with a recommendation for her. Of course they hired her and her new career began. We relocated to Kelowna but kept in touch over the years via FB. I loved following her and seeing all the great places she travelled to. I’m so happy she fulfilled that dream. Her life was was cut too short but It gives me peace to know she had the most loving family a mother could ever ask for and I know how proud she’d be of you right now being so strong. Rest In Peace sweet Kristi. You will not be forgotten.

My deepest condolences to all of her family. So sad.

My thoughts are with you all at this very difficult time!! I’ve had the honour of working with Kristi for over 13 years. And so blessed to call her my friend. When she’d walk in and saw her friends, she’d always have a smile for us all. And when she spoke of her children and grandchildren, Kristi’s face would beam bright enough to light a room! She was so proud of each and every one of you! She was the friend who could find a way to make you laugh even at your lowest point. Her laugh was infectious. Her hugs were warm and comforting. I remember Kristi telling me that she’d avoid the craft store Michaels as it gave her hives haha. So when I’d walk by sometimes at lunch, she’d say “Mich! Where are you going?” I’d jokingly reply, “to Michaels, want to come?!” She was quick to say “No thanks!!” We’d have lunch together almost everyday. And on days we weren’t able to, we’d go down for a walk and snack. I could listen to her tell stories for hours! About anything! Stories of her childhood. She adored her dad so much! Sometimes she’d talk about random beauty treatments that made no sense to me, but she was always so excited about them, so I’d listen. And I was always intrigued with the lunches she’d bring from the organic food market. Her favourite seemed to be the wieners and pasta! And even though the portion was sometimes smaller, she’d still offer to share. One moment with Kristi which I will never forget, is when her and I were planning a get together with 3 of the grandkids for a crafting day at my place. She told me to head to Michaels, pick out a bunch of supplies and I’d teach the kiddos how to do some crafts to give to their parents. Unfortunately we had to postpone the crafting day due to my husband losing his job. When I told her that, she was concerned. She asked if we’d be ok. If my then 2 year old daughter would still be able to attend daycare. I told her we’d be fine but she insisted that if ever we needed help, I just say the word. I have so many memories that I will forever remember. And a friendship that I will forever cherish. She was the only one who called me Mich, and that’s how it will stay. In one of our texts, I let her know how special she was to me, and how I was having a difficult time with this. And her response was “You know I believe in Jesus and I’m ok with this.” “Big hugs to you my special friend.” Kristi was a beautiful person, inside and out. She was kind, funny, elegant, and caring. Kristi, may you watch over your family as they take comfort knowing you have earned your wings. Thank you for your friendship, the stories and the laughs. May your cheese always slide off your cracker! I miss you very much my special friend. Mich

We have known Kristi for 30+ years and regardless of the turns that her life took, she was always positive, faced things head on and continued to smile! Although our paths went in different directions, when they did cross again, it was like time had stood still and we would pick up right where we left off. Kristi was beautiful inside and out and left an imprint on everyone she met. My Family and I were blessed to know her and have many wonderful memories of Kristi, Amy, and Cody. Rest in Paradise Kristi!

We were young together...we were introduced to Jesus together..we had so many supernatural events, fun times, sad times, meals too many to count, so many experiences...we had too much space but our last visit was a gift to us...seeing the joy of a follower of Christ anticipating the final joy of meeting the one who died for us...Kristi...larger than life...Gary and I said ..send us a sign if you can...I think this other dimension doesn’t work that way...I look forward to our joyful reunion when we meet on the other side...praying for her loved ones left blessed to have known her...

I am blessed to have known Kristi. She gave me so many laughs, advice and support over the 14 years I knew her. A funny memory: I volunteered with Kristi at the Drop in Centre a few times. On one occasion there were two groups of volunteers, the WestJetters and some people from the Mormon church. We were serving food to the people and clearing the dishes. Some of the people would scrape their own plates and the volunteers would do the others. Kristi was managing the garbage can and taking the scraped dishes and stacking them. I came to scrape a plate into the garbage and there was a man there with a plate that didn’t look like it had been touched who came up to the garbage. Kristi was being funny and telling him how he should at least have two bites before he got rid of it. She went on to say that he shouldn’t waste food and have some of the meat in a cute motherly way. The guy kind of stood there awkwardly not knowing what to say and scraped the plate and left. When our volunteer shift was over we went back to the volunteer room and I was laughing with her about her being funny with the guy and him not getting it. When in walks that guy… He was one of the Mormon volunteers, not one of the clients at the Drop in Centre. We all had the biggest laugh.

How can we say good bye to Kristi? We are so sad for you all. She was a wonderful, faithful friend and we learned so much from her. We will meet again, dear friend.

My warmest and sincere condolences. There are so many wonderful memories of Kristi as we have been friends for almost 12 years. My memory is not as impeccable like hers, but to start I remember we would have lunch together almost every day and her lunch consisted of something from the organic food store; her own salad dressing and wieners mixed in with her microwavable organic pasta. She would bring delicious snacks to share, her love for lollipops, popsicles, black licorice, dark chocolate, and cannot forget the lemongrass curry she would order when we went out for lunch. I also remember her idioms and none of us would know what she was talking about. She made us laugh all the time with her “Shy-za!”, “what!?”, “you did?!” (emphasis on the did) and I was just reminded of her saying “you must be rich!”. Our last trip into the states was for the Joyce Meyer conference in LA in September 2019 where Wendy, Paula, Kristi, and I got to celebrate her birthday in Downtown Disney. Kristi loves the pinks and glittering things, especially makeup and a little bit of them luxuries (like me). We always agreed that we have to always make sure we look after ourselves inside and out. Her love for her kids and grandkids (she was so proud of each one), that she would always share many wonderful stories (she was the best storyteller). She had a way with kids and the memory I want to specifically share involves my two boys: Noah and Micah. Five or six years ago, a few of us (Wendy, Randy, Cat, Kristi, and I with my two boys) decided to make lunches and walk downtown to give them out to the homeless. My boys are quite shy, so Kristi just kept talking making them feel comfortable and she was very creative in the way she got their attention. The minute I shared that my friend Kristi is with our God, they knew exactly who I was talking about, which is pretty amazing because they don’t remember too many of my friends. Kristi has only met them a couple of times and she left a remarkable impression on them. (My older son Noah has also volunteered with her at the Drop in Centre in our Team Builder event). I wish I had more photos of us together. I am camera shy and not a fan of getting my picture taken and I remember her and I talking about our round faces and how it doesn’t take good pictures (not sure why she thought this because she is beautiful and always looks great in pictures), but we did agree that because our face was rounder and fuller, we looked younger lol. (Who needs Botox or fillers when you got a round face!). Kristi and I shared our love for God and had some really encouraging, uplifting, honest, and tearful conversations. I could go on and on about my memory of Kristi. I am truly thankful that I got to see her and that my last image of her was her glowing face and that beautiful smile with a “see you later”. I love her dearly and will miss her very much.

My sincere condolences to Amy, John, Cody and Rhian and grandkids whom she loved and lived for. You will forever be in my heart as a true friend and I will miss the laughter you brought into my life and the sunshine you brought to so many.

Kristi welcomed everyone around her, and never made them feel alone. She was kind compassionate and lifted you up always. Her courage and wisdom was something I looked forward to every time we spoke about family faith or health. Her laughter and beauty could light a room up. Thank you for bringing so much joy to all our days and sharing your fashion sense, love of music, family stories,and inspirational messages with us always and forever. She truly was the greatest role model for us all.

She was such a beautiful person. I feel so blessed to have had the privilege of working with her and calling her my friend. She was elegant, she was kind and she could make you laugh until you cried. On some of my darkest days she was that glimpse of light. She adored her kids and her grandchildren so much. Her strength and optimism was inspiring. I will miss her immensely.

I like many in Calgary met Kristi through Westjet / Westjet Vacations. Kristi was my group coordinator. From the very first communication with her we hit it off. When we met in person it was like she was my long lost Sister. I will always remember her larger than life smile, her kindness and the friendship that grew with us. Rest in Peace my dear you have earned your wings.

My sincere condolences to all of you. Kristi and I became besties from the moment we met. Our travels together were filled with laughter and memories. Even though I am across the country I am with you in my heart. Till we meet again my darling friend. Love you forever and a day.

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