Do I need to buy a casket for the cremation of my loved one?

When preparing for the funeral of a loved one, there are a lot of things to plan for, and a lot of difficult decisions to be made. One question everyone must consider is whether they want a burial or cremation.

cremation casket for cremation
A coffin with a flower arrangement

If opting for cremation in Vancouver, you may be wondering about the process, and one of the biggest questions asked is whether you even need a casket for your loved one’s cremation.

The short answer is no. However, all bodies, when being cremated, must be in a container that is sturdy and fully combustible. This does not necessarily mean a casket or a coffin is required, and any sturdy container that can be burned is acceptable.

An appropriate container is completely mandatory to meet the requirements of all crematoriums, as there are multiple different safety considerations to keep in mind.

First and foremost, the container protects the deceased during the entire process, from the transfer to the crematorium until the final cremation. It also protects the workers of the crematorium, enabling them to work safely, as well as allowing both the deceased and the worker as much dignity as possible.

However, a sturdy container does not always mean a casket is your only option. A lot of caskets are expensive, and for the environmentally conscious they aren’t always the best option available.

Whilst a lot of people use caskets for both the funeral service and cremation, some companies will allow you to rent a casket just for the funeral service, and you can use a different, less expensive, or more environmentally friendly container for the cremation.

However, choosing between the different containers is a process within itself. There are a lot of different options to consider when choosing which container to use for your loved ones, and we will be outlining all the different strengths and weaknesses with each available option.

There are many different options for renting out caskets, and renting allows you to choose a casket that, if buying, would be too expensive or otherwise inaccessible to you and your family. Renting a casket does not provide any hygiene risks either, as the deceased will be placed inside a removable wooden box within the casket, and will be removed for the cremation after the funeral.

Opting for a cardboard or wooden cremation container is becoming a very popular option when choosing cremation. It is the most environmentally-friendly choice, and all the caskets are fully combustible and suitable for your deceased loved one.

Additionally, many cardboard or wooden containers can be designed to look like a traditional casket or coffin, eliminating the need to rent a casket for the funeral whilst also saving you the extra cost of buying a casket outright.

Cardboard and wooden containers are much more environmentally friendly, and this option ensures that there are no wasted resources or trees when not entirely necessary. It is a completely natural material that won’t add any pollution to the earth or air, whilst also being extremely durable and appropriate for both the funeral and cremation processes.

Additionally, with cardboard or wooden containers loved ones are fully permitted and encouraged to include personal items to accompany their loved ones, as long as they are fully combustible.

The biggest benefit to using a cardboard or wooden container for most people is the money saved, as many caskets can cost from $5,000 up to $10,000 if buying them outright. You can spend thousands of dollars less when opting out of using a casket. The use of a affordable, more environmentally-friendly, and also recycled material for the cremation container makes for a much cheaper option.

However, if you choose to use a casket for both the funeral and cremation then that is also perfectly fine. Ultimately, you can choose whatever you are most comfortable with, and this process should be easy, dignified, and considerate for both the deceased and their loved ones.