What funeral assistance is available from the B.C. government?

Posted on 14 January

When a loved one dies it is devastating, and dealing with funeral and burial costs is always a difficult time. In times of mourning, you may struggle with organizing and paying for the death proceedings. In these circumstances, you might be eligible for a funeral supplement. 

The British Columbia Government often helps to pay for funeral costs if they can’t be covered through the individual’s estate or family unit or there are no other resources available to cover this expense. These services are available to all residents of British Columbia if they meet the necessary requirements. 

If you want any additional information about these funeral assistance services, then read on, as we have outlined all the relevant information necessary for you in these difficult times. 

The expenses covered with the assistance fund include funeral provider’s service fees, casket or urn costs, cemetery or crematorium fees, burial plot costs, and funeral provider service fees. The funeral provider services include any bereavement rites or ceremonies, transportation of the deceased body (only within British Columbia), any costs when registering the death, the burial or cremation permit, and any counseling or coordination services. The fund also covers any costs when preparing the deceased body for burial or cremation, as well as any additional facilities and services required for the funeral. 

For the application, you need to include evidence that there are no resources for funeral or burial costs, which includes any resources available through the deceased estate, or their next-of-kin, or parent if the deceased was a minor. If the deceased was an immigrant, then you will need to prove that the deceased’s sponsor cannot cover the funeral or burial costs, or you will not be granted any assistance. 

If the deceased has a legal representative, they are eligible to apply for the supplement to cover funeral costs. These representatives are normally a relative, but if there is no eligible relative that can be a legal representative, the British Columbia government may make direct arrangements with the funeral home. 

As this supplement is a debt to the government, then the deceased estate may be used to pay for any services paid for by the assistance program.

The British Columbia government wants to ensure that every person in British Columbia is provided the basic respect and services required in the event of their death, despite the lack of funds from the deceased family or next of kin. If you are struggling to pay for the costs of the funeral of your loved one in British Columbia, then apply for the supplementary fund, and see if you meet the requirements. 

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