Dennis Richard Lewis

April 21st, 2021

It is with great sadness that the family of Dennis Richard Lewis announces his passing on Wednesday April 21, 2021, at the age of 83 years old. “Denny “will be lovingly remembered by his wife of 63 years Joan and his children, Gary (Marina), Paul (Denise), Tracey (Shad). Denny will also be fondly remembered by his five grandchildren Ashley, Austin, Krista, Karla, Kelsie and great grandson Logan.

Denny was born in 1937 in Willesden, England to Gwyn and Phyliss Lewis. Where he studied to become a design draftsman and in February 1965 immigrated to Vancouver with Joan and their two young sons Gary and Paul. Soon after their arrival to Canada their daughter Tracey was born. Denny had a successful 50-year career in the construction industry and had built many great homes, office buildings and infrastructure projects across the lower mainland and parts of Ontario. Denny had a passion for motorcycles and is a lifetime member of the Harley Owners Group (Langley BC Chapter). Denny spent many afternoons riding his bike with his wife Joan sitting next to him in the sidecar.

Denny passed peacefully in his sleep with his wife Joan at his side. The family would like to thank the doctors and nursing staff at the Acute Care for Elders (ACE) unit at the Abbotsford Regional Hospital for the empathetic care they provided Denny.

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My sincere condolences to Gary, Paul, Tracey and your families. I had the pleasure of working with Denny throughout my years at Ledcor and he was always a pleasure to talk to and he always made us laugh with his stories. Santa will be missed by all that knew him. R.I.P Denny

Denny was always so lovely and so charming; I always enjoyed Denny and Joan's visits to Trev Deeley Motorcycles. He will be greatly missed and I want his family to know how sad I am for their loss.

I was so upset when I heard that you had past away Den you had been in my life for over sixty years always with help and advice and pearls of wisdom. I will remember the fun we had with you Joan and family when we came over to Canada to visit. And the laughs we had when Roger and I took you and Joan around Europe so many happy memories. You have left a big hole in our family and will be missed greatly

It was with a sad to hear that Den had past away. When I first met Den,Joan &family it was my first visit to Canada with Val. I was greeted with a warm welcome from them all. And on each following visit I got close to Den and had wonderful chats and a few beers when we went out on our own. He had a lot of wisdom and advice his experience in the construction world was second to none. Me &Val took Den & Joan around Europe on one of their visits to the UK , we had a laugh one day going around the autobahn Den stated how big the town Uitri was so many roads leading of the autobahn to the town, I had to point out to him the sign was saying exit. We had so many good times together, so fair well old friend I will miss you greatly. Our thoughts are with you Joan and all the family. Roger

My deepest condolences to you Joan your Family and dearest of friends. A sweet man who will be missed. RIP Denny.

Our sincere condolences to the entire Lewis clan on the passing of a legend. I had the pleasure of fishing with Denny and Gary several years ago and his tenacity and passion for life will be forever etched in my memories. An infectious joy for living and sharing. We wish the Lewis family strength as you bid farewell to Denny. You are in our thoughts and prayers

Many years ago, while teaching Grade 1 in Aldergrove, I had the uplifting experience of getting to know Denny's tiny, smart, perky, spunky Granddaughter...Ashley and her chatty, lovely, caring Grandma...Joan. But it was in retirement, after becoming a member of the Aldergrove Veterans and Seniors Club, that I had the privilege of meeting their beloved Denny ! It was while volunteering at the Club that I truly began knowing them as outstanding individuals and as an amazing couple. Their commitment to their community, their marriage, their family, friends and their CLUB was amazing. Whether it was while Joan did volunteering at the Club or while playing Whist...their teasing banter and cheerful giggles or laughs...added to the fun! Joan always the friendly, energetic,loving caregiver of everyone ! Denny ALWAYS the GENTLEMAN....the listener, the advisor and a calm presence. He lite up like a Christmas Tree when he talked about past fun times with his JOANIE....usually chuckling he told tales of wonderful times as Mr. & Mrs. Claus, times on motor-cycle runs, times when they were romancing in their youth. Always eager to help, Denny impressed me with a detailed map of how to reach a particular outlet in Abbey that stocked organic pain relief creme that he felt would help me with arthritic pain in my knees. Denny revealed to me at that moment he was indeed a smart, talented, strong man on the exterior and a teddy - bear within. Right to the end, Denny showed himself to be a quiet warrior ! Driving himself about, keeping himself moving, pushing past the challenges of old age...yet remaining cheerful, enjoying the little things in his life, taking an interest in others, appreciating his past life AND most of all his beloved, devoted Joanie and family. Denny set the bar high for the rest of us as we take on the challenges of life....especially in our later years. Thanks for the laughs and kind words Denny!!!! Thoughts of you will linger in many hearts and memories for years to come. I so appreciate having gotten to know you and Joan on a personal level through the Club. LUCKY are those who you befriended and loved. YOU are DEARLY missed !!!

Gary & Paul, I am very sorry to hear of Dennis's passing. I was introduced to him many years ago and thought to myself, Santa is real. My condolences to family and friends.

Denny, old friend, where to start. Your friendship, unconditionally given, from welcoming new immigrants, to helping both newbie and experienced builders. Your wisdom, quietly offering advice in every aspect of life. Your wit, sense of fun and humour from joke of the day to “word of the day”, to playing fun tricks on everyone. I will miss you my dear friend, rest easy now.

Den passing will leave a huge hole in all our hearts. He was our surrogate Dad when we came to Canada and he gave us some wise old words and his wisdom that helped us be where we are today. He always had a story to tell and some of the worse jokes to share but he was one of life's Diamonds. We will miss him. Don't worry Den - we will make sure we take care of "your owner" - a smile will always come to mind when I think of you. It was a pleasure to be your friend. Rest easy now. X

Gary and Family Very sorry to hear of your Husband, Dad and Grandfather's passing. We have all lost a parent or loved one and know that no matter how prepared we are it is still very hard. I was always impressed with Dennis’s level of commitment and willingness to do whatever was asked for the the project. He always had time to say hi and chat for a few minutes but if the project beckoned he excused himself and was off and running. Dennis was always engaging in mentorship and had positive comments for all. He was a significant contributor to Ledcor’s success. There are many employees who owe their success to Denny and the way he imparted his work ethic and significant knowledge on them. That mentorship was as much about life as it was about work. Denny will be remembered by many and he will be missed by all. Kerry

Denny I am keeping the seat warm the throttle up and the sidecar open for Joan anytime. The Denny Hack will always have you as a passenger on every ride. P.S. Though I know you will be always in control. Love you and Hugs. Annie Schaffer

Joan, Tracy Paul, Gary and all of Denny’s Family & Friends. There are Times When there are not enough words from any one person How a Person Like Denny that Has come into there Life and becomes a friend. It Takes many words from many of His or Her Friends I can see by Reading what has been posted about Denny, it is obvious that His Positive Persona, Humor Knowledge and abilities to Deal with what placed before Him on the Road of Life, He had Been an Influence in Many Peoples Life’s. My Wife Annie And Me are Grateful, that we became a Friends with Denny & Joan, having the opportunity to Share times at various events with them. Denny was One who liked to Chat about Life, Family and what was going on in the World as well He would Share some of His Personal Life experiences and love for his of Family which I could tell that He Cared for, be it Drawing up Plans for a Family Project or Going and getting a Hair & Whisker Trim from Granddaughter Ashley or concerns of Family Health issues. Or about His adventures With Joan, such as playing Mr. & Mrs. Clause, I know They Put Smiles on Many Children’s Faces as well a Many a Adult, Such as Annie 97 Year Old Aunt Winnie She was one That He Put a Big Smile On at Christmas When we Took her To See Santa and Get Her Photo Taken with Him On Biker Santa’s Ride! Now Looking Back … One Of my Favorite Times and Memories Is When Denny And me Would meet up at The Coffee Mug Restaurant on Regular Occasions and Catch up on Life events, Denny even had His Own Mug that the Owners Got For Him…Which Had Glampa Stenciled on It. The Waiters Knew His order even Before a Word was Said, I can honestly say that Denny was Loved and respected by Many and Will Be Missed, But Not Forgotten. Joan, I believe He Is Now Riding with The Angles and Watching Over you And Your family. Condolences. Jerry.

My sincere condolences to Denise's family and friends. I had the pleasure of working with Denise on a number of projects and shared a home with him in Victoria when we worked on the Hillside Project. Hard to find a happier soul. I'll always remember his big smile, especially when you offered to get him a cold beer at the end of the day. RIP Denise.

My deepest condolences to you Joan, family and friends. "SANTA" will be missed from our Langley H.O.G. Chapter.

Denny was 'soft-jazz-cool' and always ready to take on a challenge, or odd shifts. His calm demeanor was appreciated by those around him, especially in high-stress circumstances. He raised many fine children and grandchildren, which is the greatest accomplishment any person can achieve! It was an honour to know you, Denny.

A true gentleman and will be missed.

I am sorry to hear of his passing and send my condolences to all those who will miss him. When I first met Dennis I had just started my first project as a Superintendent with Ledcor. Dennis was sent in to help coordinate a portion of the work and lend his guidance. I was a bit inexperienced, had bought my first home, and had my second child. My stress levels were very high and I was having troubles on many fronts. Dennis was a welcome calming force who's impact in my life went beyond the project. Always willing to review issues and share his experience, his presence then and friendship throughout my career has been most appreciated. Over the years, whether we were reviewing photos of trips he has been on, relaying stories of family and friends, or he was asking about adventures I have had, Dennis was always a pleasure to catch up with. I will miss his warm smile, and contagious curiosity for life. Husband, Father, Builder, and Friend.

Thoughts and prayers go to Joan and the family. I only met Den once when he and Joan came to England, but he left a lasting memory with me. Rest In Peace Den xxxx

Gary and family, I am so sorry for your loss. Denny was a great guy, and always a pleasure to work with and just to chat with. He loved ordering up some (....lots of) pizzas for the crew; such a big heart and a big smile. He will be missed by many. My family's thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Our condolences and thinking of you all at this difficult time. Peace and love to you all.

Dad, I know you will be forever my guardian angel and I will feel your love in the wind as I ride. XXX Tracey

My sincere condolences to the entire Lewis family and especially Joan. Dennis was a valuable asset to the Ledcor team as Dennis would always be willing to do the work no one else wanted to. We appreciated his attitude and he never let us down. I also had the opportunity to golf with him a few times and I still remember the oohh! sound ever time he hit the ball......I now am hearing it from Gary every once in a while! RIP Dennis. Peter Hrdlitschka Past President Ledcor Construction Limited

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