Amanda Michelle Todd

October 10th, 2012

The dream of helping kids is being carried on in the Amanda Todd Legacy, established by her family. This initiative will raise money for anti-bullying education and for support programs to help young people with mental health problems and other education initiatives.

Celebration of Life & "Happy Birthday" for Amanda Todd

The family and friends of Amanda would like you to join them on:

Sunday, November 18, 2012

1:30-3:30 pm

Red Robinson Show Theatre, Boulevard Casino

2080 United Boulevard

Coquitlam, BC  V3K 6W3

(604) 315-4604

Please RSVP to:


Doors open at 12:30 - limited seating available

A donation of an unwrapped new toy can be brought as

Christmas present for Share Society


Donations can be made online through the Vancouver Foundation or at any RBC Canada under the name of Amanda Todd's Trust Fund.


I feel really bad for Amanda Todd and her family.I mean we would people even do this.Bully till you can't take it anymore and you then kill your self.I never got to meet Amanda but I know this she was the most happiest and nicest girl in the world.I just wish I got to meet her.But guys she is in a better place now.She won't get hurt and no one will bully her.Its really sad that she died she committed suicide just because she Thought no one liked her.Everyday I think if I had one wish it would meeting Amanda Todd and helping her to get through the bullying.And I would want to just talk to her and become friends. WE ALL MISS YOU AMANDA TODD

I've wish to express my deepest condolences to the Todd family.i went through the same thing my self when I was her age and I know how it feels.i wish every day that I knew Amanda needed help I would have been there to help her to in some way.i never knew Amanda personally.i didn't even know until months later.i cried so hard for her and her family and I still do to this day.every child we loose we loose a future that will never love to all off you.bulling has to stop.sorry it took me so long.

I know u heard this many times but iam sorry for your, I never knew amanda todd but after reading everything that happened it felt like I knew her in a way I even got a tattoo on my leg saying stay strong, love u amanda todd may u rest in peace

I really wish i had the opportunity to meet Amanda. I wish she would still be with us today. She was a beautiful girl. The first time i watched her video i started to cry. I still cry everytime i watch it. Sorry For Your Loss. Amanda Will always be remembered. She has left this world but she went to another on that is better for her. Also i know this is late, but better late then never.

Amanda Michelle Todd, your story touched me in a way I can not explain. You where a very beautiful girl. If I meet u up in heaven I will tell u this over and over again. U should not have been treated that way. I thought that while u were on earth u were suppose to be treated equal to the ppl around u. But u weren't and I thought that was very sad.we miss u a lot. And to Amanda's parents I think your child should never had to go through that. WE MISS U!!!!! R.I.P. (I WILL PRAY FOR U TONIGHT)

AMANDA TODD!!!! U are a beautiful angel in the sky. When I looked up a picture of u I thought to my self that is the most beautiful girl EVER. Even though me and my sister are not adults we understand that what those ppl did to u was REALLY horrible. Some ppl don't stop and think what u were going through and how it hurt you. I Hurd of this from my friends and they most certainly understud ur pain. This really upsets me that with all the technology now a days ppl still can not take the time to understand what is going on or how it affected that person. But they take the time too look at there screen and understand that they can take a selfie and ppl like it or not and they don't really care what's going on. I think peeps need to respect other ppl and not call them bad names that make them feel worse. I am working on a Singing career and if I get famous then problely the first song I right is about how ppl need to be respectful. AMANDA TODD if I could turn back time and be with u I would help u get through it girl. I pay my respects to Amanda's parents. And girl if I meet u up there then u would be my BFF. WE MISS U GIRL!!!!!!

We want to send our deepest sympathy for the loss of Amanda. We understand your pain since we lost our daughter, her husband and their three month old baby girl years ago. The future will be wonderful after God's War of Armageddon, when our loved ones will live again on earth. Our thoughts are with the family at this sad time.

I never knew amanda but somehow I feel like I know you , you are my insperation ive been bullied for as long as I remeber I know a lot of people are saying this o hate to be a repeater of things but its life um o cried myself to sleep I would miss school because I was scared 1 time on the bus this girl was picking on me and she got up to come fight me but people stoped her I had to haventhe bus drive me to my front door I never rode the bus again but I made a dumb mistake to ride the bus again they threw my bag in a busch and put it in mud I was so devistated with no hope they thru rocks at me called me fat my mom was my only friend ahe understood some what but she always told me words dont hurt there just words but really they do it feels like somebodys hand is choking you it hurts so badly thanks for sharing your story it made me relize that I have to "stay strong" I love that saying I have a bracelet well all I want to say is r.I.p and carol and norm younguys are strong you are in my prayers god bless

My heart & my fiance's heart are BROKEN for Amanda, her family & friends!..Our thoughts, & prayers are with them!!..We didn't know Amanda!..BUT!!!!..Her story has TOUCHED our HEARTS!!..Amanda is now safe in HEAVEN!!..With our Heavenly Lord!..Amanda!!..My fiance & I promise that your memory will NOT die!..We also promise, that we will protect you in any way!!..On: Any media sites!!!!..You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! R.I.P. Amanda Michelle Todd!

My heart breaks and the tears seem never to stop. God is with you and Amanda is now in his hands. She will never be far away as she will be in your hearts forever. R.I.P. young little princess. Amanda Michelle Todd

To the Todd family, I am so sorry for your loss! Although I never knew Amanda, after hearing the lovely stories from her family and friends at her memorial, I can tell she was a free spirited and fun loving young lady. Her passing has touched so many people across the world. She is in God's loving arms now and at peace. RIP Amanda!!!!

This should never have happened to your child and for that I am sorry for your loss - a child should enjoy life and not be a target - how sad to those who have done this. May you be judged later on in life for what you have done.

I was so touched and deeply saddened by this story. I'm so sorry that Amanda experienced so much misery and heartache in her short life. I really hope that more can be done to prevent a tragedy like this happening again. I'm all for bringing in more legalization so that those people that are responsible and still continue to bully will be brought to justice. My heartfelt sympathy to her parents, family and friends.Let us all remember to show compassion, kindness and respect to everyone we meet and encounter in our lives. Take care and dear Amanda may you be at peace now sweet girl.

My heartfelt condolences go out to the Todd family. I would like to share this poem with you. I AM WITH YOU STILL I give you this one thought to keep I am with you still- do not weep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn's rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush, Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not think of me as gone - I am with you still - in each new dawn. Your beautiful angel is in heaven and a better place. Amanda will be the "change" that will happen. My love goes out to all of you.

To Amanda Todd’s Family and Friends, In sorrow, we mourn the loss of her kindness and fun loving ways. In gratitude, we are thankful for her spirit, her voice, the memories and the lessons she has brought forward. In sympathy, we embrace, with all of our love and compassion, those who grieve the loss of Amanda. Amanda, Rest in God’s safe and loving arms Princess Snowflake...You are safe,you are warm, you are loved, you are joyful and you will NEVER be forgotten. Your life has brought much needed compassion to the world...Thank you our lovely Angel

You will be so missed Amanda. You have changed this world and your actions can only make it a better place for all of us. Walk with the Lord and shine your light, your courage and your smiles down on us. We will continue to fight for all you believed in. Norman, Carol and Christopher.....may you find comfort in knowing so many care and that your daughters passing will never be in vain. Her beauty and her ways will continue to light this world. She has left us with a very powerful message. She may have struggled in so many ways but in many others she was beyond her time. Always in our hearts Amanda <3

Amanda's life has touched me so deeply because i know what it's like to feel that your're stuck in the dark and alone. Personally, yes i commited self harm,have anxiety etc. I wish i could've been there for her! It's not fair! Amanda and many others who have been bullied deserve JUSTICE! Amanda seemed like a wonderful person, i hope her story lives on! i hope the family and friends will stay strong <3 r.i.p. amanda

They say all rough roads lead to the stars, well i hope she is shinning down on us . may she bloom in Heaven as she did not get the chance to blossom on Earth . They say you can,t sail a ship on yesterdays wind that you have to constantly look for new wind, I pray that she will bring a force of wind down on all of the depressed children and blow them threw their troubles as the love for a life is much greater than most children respect it is beyond the minds eye I pray for all of us on Earth keep your kids close and may she shine us threw are darkest moments

I was horrified by the degree of bullying and completely saddened by Amanda's death. I am a parent of a bullied child. It seems that the schools are unable to help. Amanda's story has touched so many in Canada, possibly some good will come from this tragedy. My condolences.

My Deepest Sympathy goes out to the Family of Amanda. Every time I read about her story I fill with tears, and sadness. I do not have any children, but I have two young teenage nieces that I have given Amanda's message to, and they have promised to keep her in their hearts and prayers! She is with God now and I am sure she is looking down at us and smiling, knowing that her message is being heard all over the world. God bless AMANDA and her FAMILY!!

In such a sad event, of a young, Beautiful, promising teenager taking her own life - we have been given the gift to reflect in this act and make a positive change for our youth. Somehow nowadays the world is both more, and less tolerant than in my youth. Acceptance is the key to all life's challenges. If we would have accepted and embraced your story, you may have still been here with us. I vow to accept those around me everyday. Your loss to your family can not be minimized, but your legacy is more than most people can hope to ever accomplish in their lives. Rest in peace and know you literally have made a world of difference.

Amanda there hasn't been a single day that has gone by without me thinking about you.Your story has affected me so deep,you will live in my heart for the rest of my life.My deepest condolences to the Todd family R.I.P Amanda Michelle Todd.Heaven has gained 1 more Angel.

Amanda, I never met you. But, I feel that if I did I could have helped so much. I know a lot about what you went through. I have been in your shoes with the depression.and a few other things. My heart goes out to your family and friends. May you have a nice stay as you watch over us all in heaven. You will see things change for the better.

Happy Birthday Amanda. To Amanda's Mom & Dad my condolences on the loss of your beautiful snowflake. If only she knew how important she was to all of us, I hope she is watching the outporing of love for her family and may it bring them peace in their tragic loss.

Your story touched me deeply and I wish I could turn back time to when all this began years ago! I only wish I saw your video then and left you a message to contact me and I would have done my best to help! God bless you. You were so young and beautiful. My condolences to your loved ones.

Wishing Amanda's family the utmost strength and support. Rest in peace Amanda, you are missed. I was also a victim of online exploitation and bullying. It happens more frequently than people think it does. Young girls need positive programs that build confidence and personal strength. Predators need to be caught. Bullying needs to stop.

We are so terribly sorry for the loss of your lovely daughter. We feel that bullying should be treated as a crime-schools are being too lenient with bullies - they treat the situation as if the bully and the victim are equally responsible. We sincerely hope that the people who harrassed Amanda are identified and brought to some kind of justice.

To Amanda's family and true friends, my heart goes out to you for your tremendous loss. To the bullies, get help for your own self esteem and stop hurting others to make yourself feel better. To the bullied, learn something from Amanda, speak out and get the help that you need. Everyone makes mistakes, it's how you deal with them and move on that matters. Stay strong...

May Amanda dance with angels throughout eternity. My prayers are with you . Amanda has left a powerful message.She was a diamond. Let us always remember Amanda by acts of kindness to her memory. One day at a time.

I am so sorry for your loss of your dear daughter Amanda. May you take solace in knowing how far her message has reached and how it resonates everywhere. Bullying has to stop. The only ones now who can end it are we who are left. Amanda is in peace and I hope that one day, you will feel peace in your hearts,too.

The written word speaks volumes and Amanda seemed to understand that those words she wrote would make a far greater impact than anything she could ever say publically . What a beautiful young woman she was and she has left a profound legacy behind her . My heart goes out to you , her loved ones .May you find solace in knowing she touched many , many lives .

This should have ended much differently!! I am so sad at the loss of Amanda, the pain & emptiness that her family & friends have suffered. It is sad to think that after being beaten down by bullies 40 to 50 years ago, that I live to see all these young people still suffering from bullies. It is time for politicians & teachers, social workers etc. to take this seriously!! Amanda we will not forget you!! You will live on & be a symbol of strength for many battered & bullied people both young & old!! Amanda I am so sorry our world pushed you so far away to help you. God Bless Amanda & her family!! Lets make sure there are no more "Amanda's ".

Amanda, I hope you find happiness where your spirit is now. Your untimely death has moved millions and it's sad that it took your loss to show the world that bullying is an epidemic. We can only hope that things will change and this world becomes a better place because of you. Rest in Peace - you are everyone's child.

You are an angel that lived too short of a life on this earth because of the ignorance of others. I hope you are in a better place where all the pain is gone. I also hope you can see how important you were to so many people and how you have touched the lives of so many around the world. Your video made me cry the first time I saw it after your death. I just wish the people who had seen it before your death could have helped you realize how beautiful you are. There are some really awful people in this world, just heartless, its so very shocking to me. I am constantly telling my kids not to bully others and that there are many forms of bullying even when its done in "fun" it is still very hurtful to others. My condolences to your family. A parent should never have to lose a child. I pray for strength for them to move forward from this terrible loss. I also pray for the souls of those horrible people who caused you so much pain. God Bless You and may you rest in peace.

"SO LET MY LIFE BE THE PROOF THE PROOF OF YOUR LOVE LET MY LOVE LOOK LIKE YOU AND WHAT YOUR MADE OF HOW YOU LIVED...HOW YOU DIED LOVE IS SACRIFICE SO LET MY LIFE BE THE PROOF THE PROOF OF YOUR LOVE" Inspiring song taken from the Christian song The Proof of your Love Artist:For King and Country May Gods love be with you Amanda...I know what these people did to you was uncalled for and you had to end it all that way even though you didn't have to do it...and remember Amanda until that Day I come to join and I will see Jesus face to face...but until that day Amanda I WILL HOLD ONTO ALWAYS!!! You didn't deserve to be treated that way on Earth!!! And yes Norman and Carol STAY STRONG FOR YOUR DAUGHTER...I STAND BY YOU 100 Per Cent!!!

amanda you are a beautiful angel baby girl rest in peace sunshine! i wish i was there for u! hope that ur likeing heaven i just wish u dint end ur life so quickly! u are very inspiaring to me i will never ever forget u promise! xoxo

Amanda, your story haunts me. I look at your beautiful, sweet face and the tears come easily, maybe its because I am a mom and I wish I could have eased your pain and the ending could have been different. You came into this world to make a difference and your heart wrenching video will do just that. To Amanda's parents and true friends my deepest condolences. You had one amazing, courageous little girl. Sweet dreams beautiful angel.

i would like toexpress my condolences to amandas family. she was a friend of my son they spoke numerous times on the phone. i wish i knew then what was happening . we were all saddened by this tragedy. her story has touched so many lives and i hope the bullying stops. I have never been thru this and i personally didnt know her but no child deserves what she went through. amandas in a better place with no more bullying and pain. god has another angel who is watching over everyone. she wil be missed . RIP AMANDA TODD A BEAUTIFUL ANGEL

Bullying is such an important issue and I'm glad you wanted to help people going through the same issues as you. Its just too bad you couldn't live to see what an impact you made.Many people ask why are you getting so much attention when so many young people commit suicide each day.I think yours is just as important as theirs. You grabbed the medias attention, and I hope your story helps people worldwide. So many people don't realize that their words and actions could end someones life.Rest in peace bby. <3

I am still at a loss for words... I never knew you one bit... but your story has brought back memories... I have made a few mistakes in my life as well... unfortunatly it is too late to help you... I'm sorry it is too late.. but now we have to educate others to STOP this... I don't understand how people knew what was going on was wrong but never spoke up.... WELL I AM SPEAKING UP... AND I AM SAYING YOU ARE JUST AS BAD AS THE BULLIES FOR NOT DOING A DAMN THING.... SPEAK UP AND PLEASE HELP PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN.... I DON'T CARE HOW BAD YOU WILL FEEL FOR OPENING YOUR MOUTH... BUT YOU WILL FEEL 10X WORSE IF YOU KEEP QUITE UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE.... R.I.P TO ALL THE ANGELS WHO HAVE BEEN BULLIED NOT JUST TO AMANDA... AN FOR THOSE WHO ARE BEING BULLIED PLEASE SPEAK UP AND LETS END THIS!!! WE ARE IN 2012.... WE ARE SUPPOSE TO BE FREE AND FEEL SAFE...

I would like the family and friends of Amanda to know that she has touched the hearts of many people, even across the ocean. Since the day I discovered her sad story I have thought of it every single day: as a parent, I feel shocked. I hope the angels are enjoying her beautiful smile. Amanda's parents, be proud of her.

although i never personally knew you, after seeing your video blog it made me realize that we know each other well. you and i have lived in our own private hell. i wish your last attempt failed. there are millions of people here that are your friends and are crying and mourning for you like you were there sister, or mother, or daughter. your suicide wasn't an end. it is the beginning of a real campaign to crack down on pervs and haters all over the world! RIP Amanda Todd Much love to all her friends and family <3

Some of life's greatest hurts come not from what we have done but what we have failed to do. Have you ever kept silent when you should have spoken up to defend a friend or classmate? If we want healing, we need to ask for forgiveness for ourselves and for those who have hurt or bullied other. R.I.P Amanda todd

Such a strong young girl, no one should go through what she did. The message she left is heartbreaking yet inspirational. RIP Amanda Todd - you deserve to be in a better place, just wish we could of kept you here a little longer. X

Anyone who really knew Amanda could see she was an amazing girl, sweet and kind to anyone who wanted her help. Hearing about what happened broke my heart in millions of pieces she was so young, she didn't deserve any of this. We try to ask ourselves why must this happen why isn't she in our lives anymore, but she will be, she will be with all whom love her, in our hearts and in our minds. though our hearts are broken, we may cry for her everyday, even beg to God for just an opportunity to go back and change something.. we remember that God will watch out for her and she will always be here with us when we close our eyes. We will see Amanda's beautiful smile, and hear her beautiful voice. We will always miss you Amanda.

To Amanda's Family - especially Mom and Dad - As God Embraces Amanda in Heaven - She sleeps in peace. Thank You for sharing your daughter - who has now become the Daughter of the World, and woken so many more to dedicate themselves to stop bullying. Your eloquence and dignified way in speaking of Amanda as both her parents has touched millions. To her mom - "she was born into the right family". Those of us who had children who were bullied - unequivocally understand. May Amanda now rest in the arms of continued Love. I will honor her by making a donation to the fund that has been set up in her memory.

God bless Amanda Todd & her family

My heart breaks over and over again everytime I think about what you had to go through, sweet angel. I am a grown woman who has struggled with anxiety and panic disorder and depression since I was 10 years old even up to today so I have an idea of how you felt. Since hearing your story I can't help but to shed tears because my heart is hurting for you even though I didn't even know you. I'm sure you can see and hear the voices of all the peoples' lives you've touched. Because your video sent out such a strong message I've decided to go back to school to become a therapist for teenagers with mental disorders and those that are victims of bullies. My daughters and I have come up with a Pro[mote]-Friendliness ad, meaning to promote a friendly environment, friendly attitudes and friendly behavior to do our part in taking a stand against bullying, all on your behalf. I think you made the impact that you were hoping for and for that We love you Amanda Todd. You are at peace now angel so soar wild and carefree because you deserve it, beautiful angel.

May your heart and spirit soar in freedom, peace and ever-lasting beauty. I am so sorry you had to go, but I understanding where you were coming from. Bless you Baby Girl, Bless you so much.

My heart just broke when I heard the news of this . My daughter also has been bullied and has been in a bad place of mind . These kids will one day realize the pain they caused ,maybe when they have their own kids. I read Amanda had made that video to let people know that bullying can be damaging but you can be strong to overcome it. I read she wanted people to see it and get her message. I think this beautiful young girl has done that and I hope you know Amanda that you have changed the world now . Your Voice has been heard. You will save others with it. Rest in peace my dear. You are missed.

I am so sorry for your tragic loss. I wish we could go back & change the outcome of the story, but we're too late. Hopefully her story will change the outcome of SOMEONE'S story though. Hopefully the bullies & the bullied learn something from her loss. Sending my love & hugs

I am so sorry for your tragic loss. I wish we could go back & change the outcome of the story, but we're too late. Hopefully her story will change the outcome of SOMEONE'S story though. Hopefully the bullies & the bullied learn something from her loss. Sending my love & hugs

Amanda's story touched me and my son Brady so deeply. No person should have to go through what this sweet child did. May you rest and be at peace with the angels in heaven. Our deepest sympathies to your family.

Amanda was a amart, intelligent little girl who wanted the bullying to stop...she was so unique and an incredible singer who would have done wonders with her voice. She cared about others and her family and was loved by so many. I will always think of you when I see a shooting star because to me, that is what you were. I love you sweet pumpkin and may you rest peacefully now, and forever..

Amanda, your story touched my heart. You were such a sweet girl and didn't deserve what you went through. I hope people learn from this and I just wish it hadnt taken your passing to bring everything to light. Fly with the angels sweetheart. No one can hurt you now xxx

R.I.P. Amanda M. Todd, U're in God hands now, no more pain only freedom and peace. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all of your family. Ur story is very sad but it touched too many people and I hope this wasn't in vain and people change their mind and stop this kind of stories.

My deepest sympathy & condolences to your family. Your daughter was a beautiful girl and will live in the hearts of many people. May you be comforted by all the memories & joy she brought to your life.

My heart goes out to Amanda's family, so very very sorry. May your daughter be with you forever and always. She is at peace now and has touched many hearts. Amanda, you didn't deserve this may you rest in peace now.

We would like to extend our condolences to Amanda's family and friends. Though we did not know her, she has touched our lives. Please know that our hearts and prayers are with you and that your beautiful daughter and friend has not died in vain. With Deepest Sympathy, The Drew Family Leduc, Alberta

I am deeply saddened by Amanda's passing and I want to extend my condolences to her Family and friends,her community ,and her nation. Our world has lost a fine human being .

Even though i did not know Amanda. She didn't deserve what she went through. I will miss her dearly and may my prayers go out to her family. I also started a fund for Amanda which i will donate.

Rest in Peace,lovely Amanda.As you fly now on Angel's wing's you are with God,Precious in his Sight.To the Todd Family,my deepest heartfelt sympathy's.I never met Amanda,but listening to her voice,and story,has changed me forever.In respect of her memory,I will endeavor to be a better man.More thoughtful in God's way's.Amanda has pushed me toward the Light....Paul Klarich.

Goodbye Amanda.. I am so sad to read your story and cried many times. I think you are beautiful person and would never hurt a fly.Even though I am a complete stranger and at a older age I wish I could have helped you anyway. Big hugs to you forever, I promise to keep my chin up for you and treat everyone with respect and to be nice.I wish your family the best in health. John.

When I look at the pictures of your daughter, Amanda, all I see in her eyes is sweetness, sensitivity, kindness, and goodness. Her story, which I deeply relate to, touched my heart. I am so sorry for your family's loss. I've been praying every night that God comfort her heart after all that she went through and show her the meaning of joy and warmth and belonging, all the things you gave your daughter while she was here, but more so. I know that you miss her. I am very sad with you and mourning with you. I have a young daughter too. Rest in peace, Amanda. I wish I could have known you. You are worth so much and the world is not the same without you. :( love and warmth, Greg

I am very sorry for Amanda's family, i wish i had the chance to know Amanda she sounds like a smart wonderful girl. What happen shouldn't have happened but i know she would want people to learn from her video, no matter what Amanda is always in my heart<3 she is brave and her spirit will live on forever<3 God brung us an angel on November 27 1996, He took that angel back on October 10 2012<3 R.I.P Amanda Todd XoXo

Amanda was beautiful! Her story has touched my heart and my thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends....

Amanda's passing will not be in vain. May she be a reminder to all our children today and in future of the dangers lurking on the internet. May the special memories of Amanda fill your hearts and minds and bring you peace.

I am truly sorry for your loss and ours. She was a beautiful and talented young girl. She found a way to touch our hearts but sadly we didn't hear her until it was too late. And I am sorry for that too. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all of your family. I can not be there but will be there in my heart for you.

I did not know you but I have felt your pain and torment. I too know the consequence of one impulsive decision, moment and how it effects the rest of your life. It saddens me to know you felt so a lone. My hope is your message provokes change. Change for how we relate to the youth of today and tomorrow so they feel safe. I will not forget you and what you taught me. You were a sweet and innocent young girl and you will be missed. Sending you love, Kim

I hope you are in peace and have a wonderful time in heaven.Don't worry everything will be OK. You have touched the lives of so many people including me. May your hopes and dreams come true because you are one AMAZING young lady. Please watch over us and keep us safe and when I see a rainbow I will know you are looking down on me.

My heart breaks and the tears seem never to stop. God is with you and Amanda is now in his hands. She will never be far away as she will be in your hearts forever.

I would like to express my condolences to the family and friends of Amanda Michelle Todd. I can see that she was a very lovely, unique, and caring girl. Her life will always be remembered in the most positive light.

Amanada is an angle in Heaven now as she was one on earth. So sorry for the loss of your beautiful child.

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